One of my dreams in life is to own my own yarn shop. A real live, physical store. Wouldn’t that be awesome?! I can see it now. Knit night. Classes. Yarn piled so high that I could swim in it!!! Colors everywhere! Patterns. Books. Ah, yes. Someday I will have one!

(I ADORE yarn. The picture above shows some of my hand-spun wool)

In the meantime, I am opening an online yarn shop.  It will be located at: http://www.

If you go there now (Sept of 2011), you’ll see…well, not much. I’ve started to list some categories and get the color scheme set up, but that is about it. I plan on this week getting going on making this dream take form.

Currently, I am selling my Juicy Bounce Sock Yarn on my Etsy store and am of course writing this blog. You can also find me on facebook, twitter, flickr, instagram and Ravelry.

My hope is to combine positive inspiration with yarn. Knitting, crocheting, spinning, felting and weaving are truly art forms. Amazing art forms!! If you do any or all of these crafts, you know the time involved. The thought. The choice of supplies and how they will function as a finished object. Color choice. Fiber type. It’s not just a silly craft. It’s art!

I love to teach others to crochet and knit. I love to tell others about yarn and wool and spinning and felting. (I haven’t tried weaving yet, but hope to soon)

So I hope to do more of these things through this blog and my site.

I plan on selling:

Yarn: All sizes, from lace to bulky.

Roving: Wool, silk, bamboo and more!

Eventually: Knitting bags, needles, equipment and everything to do with knitting and crocheting.

I want to stick with the basics, such as wool, silk, some alpaca, etc. But create stunning, irresistible colorways. Perhaps kits. And lots more!

I haven’t decided firmly yet if I will be offering my products as Dyed-to-Order, meaning I would have a list of all my colors and you would get to choose which product (yarn or roving) you wanted that color on. I would then dye the yarn or roving and ship it to you. Custom! This is awesome, but I’m not sure about the time issue with that or how it would work out wholesale. I do eventually want to wholesale.

Or, I might have set colors for each yarn and roving product. I was thinking of starting with loads of colors and then weeding out the slower sellers and ending up with my color line for each product. This would allow me to stock up large amounts of products, so I would be able to ship more quickly. Plus it’s more efficient in general, and I’m all about efficiency!

So we shall see!

But I’m very excited! In truth, I want to give you what you need in the yarn world. If there is something you’d like, let me know! I’m hoping to start with several gorgeous collections, including jewel tones and maybe some seasonal shades. Fall is here and I’m excited to create some colors to celebrate it!

Enjoy your week!!

Peace, Joy and Love…