I hope you’re having a wonderful, relaxing Labor Day!

It’s stunningly gorgeous here in North Pole, AK and I’m loving it! We only have a few weeks left of nice weather, so I hear, and fall has already set in. The leaves are changing and it’s just beautiful. Fall is my favorite season!!

me kissing a tree loving the fall season

In knitting news, I’ve been making the Mulberry Hat from Modern Top-Down Knitting.

knitted mulberry hat picture photo with yarn

It’s so cute and I’m loving making it! To be honest, I love every pattern in this book. When I say love, I mean I literally want (and hope!) to make many of the patterns. I don’t think any other pattern book has captured my heart quite so much! I highly recommend this book!

modern top down knitting book photo picture

I had actually started using this yarn to crochet a hat (my own pattern) but wasn’t happy with it, so ripped it out and am now knitting the Mulberry Hat.

crocheted mulberry hat
So far it’s a simple, straight-forward knit.

The yarn is lovely. It’s Therapi by SWTC.  The color is one of my favorites!!  I couldn’t find a color name on the label, but you can see it’s a gorgeous fuchsia. LOVE. Love love love.

Here I am working a gauge swatch (so important to make sure your project actually fits!).

knitted mulberry hat gauge swatch

Here’s the start of the hat:

knitted mulberry hat start

And I’m about half-way done now:
(I took this picture while out shopping at yard sales!)

knitting the mulberry hat from modern top down knitting

I hope to get some more work done on it tonight. I’m super excited to start taking actual photo shoots, showing off my finished objects! My boo is an excellent photographer!

Enjoy your day and I hope you get in some knitting or crocheting time!

Peace, Joy and Love…