How to Crochet Wire Jewelry

This is super simple and quick. I’m going to assume in this tutorial that you already know the basics of crochet, including how to create a slip knot, slip stitch and chain stitch. If not, there are many YouTube videos on how to do these things, or I could create some tutorials if you like. Just let me know, as I’m already considering doing so!

The essence of what I’m doing here is just chaining and occasionally sliding a bead down and continuing to chain. Easy.

So here is a step-by-step tutorial of how to crochet wire jewelry:

Start with: Size 0 crochet hook (or any, as the size doesn’t really matter), beads of your choice and wire. I used nylon-coated beading wire, which is flexible and doesn’t kink up too much. You can use regular wire if you prefer.

crocheting beaded wire braceletNext, string all your beads onto the wire (DON’T CUT YOUR WIRE! Leave it attached to the spool and just pull it out as you need it)

beads for crocheting a bracelet with wire

ROUND 1: Create a slip knot. Place onto your hook:

how to crochet wire jewelry with purple beads

Next, you’re going to chain 10 and slide a bead down to your hook.

Now, chain 10 again and slide another bead down.

Repeat (chain 10, slide bead down) twice more, or until your chain wraps loosely around your wrist and can slide easily over your hand.

Slip stitch to the beginning of your chain to form a ring.

crocheting with wire tutorialROUND 2: Now. Chain 8 and slide a bead down. Chain 10, slide a bead down. Chain 10, slide a bead down. Chain 10, slide a bead down. Chain 5.

crocheting with wire jewelryNow slip stitch to the third chain on ROUND 2.  You now have 2 rounds, connected by a chain 3.  (This wire is really squiggly and wouldn’t lay flat for me to take a  better picture)

How to crochet a wire bracelet

Now. ROUND 3: Chain 13, slide a bead down.  Chain 10, slide a bead down, Chain 10, slide a bead down, Chain 10, slide a bead down. Slip stitch to the 3rd chain at the begging of ROUND 3.

Crocheting with wire and purple beads to make a bracelet

And DONE! Cut your wire, and weave the ends in and out of the wire chains to secure and slide onto your wrist!!

Crochet wire jewelry on wrist

This is a very quick and easy version. I hope to get some more complex designs created for you! The possibilities are endless!!

If you have any tutorial requests or ideas, let me know! And remember…

Enjoy your day, focus on your dreams, walk on even when you’re afraid, and be kind to all you meet! 🙂

Peace, Joy and Love.