Ah, knitting, how I love thee.

Ah, huge, scrunchy scarf, how I wish I could live all day in thee.

Oh, knitting pattern that looks complicated and time-consuming, but is easily memorizable and quick… how I hold thee in my heart with glee and giddyness!

Can I say enough good things about this scarf? Oh, nay, dear reader! I cannot!!

It has so seduced me, that I’m talking like the Jane Austen movies I’ve watched a hundred times! Ahhh.

PATTERN: Stockholm Scarf by knitted bliss.

Instructions are for knitting this flat and then joining into the round. I chose to work it in the round… it took me a wee bit of brain power to figure out how, so rather than you waste your time and effort, here is what I did!

CO 252 (instead of 256 like the pattern says)

Rnd 1: K1, P1, K2, P3

Rnd 2: as written

Rnd 3: K1, P1, K3, P2

Rnd 4: as written

YARN: This was a tester aran weight yarn I no longer carry, but any of my worsted weight yarns would work wonderfully. 3 skeins would work. They sell out FAST, and I get lots of emails from sad peeps who waited and missed out forever on a shade they simply HAD to have…Don’t delay if your heart is set on a color! It might not be there tomorrow.)

stockholm scarf in the round

NEEDLES: US 10 / 6.0 mm

FINISHING: Normally I block all my items (usually by soaking in luke warm water and pinning out to dry) but I chose not to do anything for this item. I like it scrunchy and fat and blocking makes things drapier. Is that a word? More drapey. Drape more. Drapish.

knitting the stockholm scarf in the round

TIP! Use Jeny’s Suprisingly Stretchy Bind Off for a HUGE, stretchy edge! I LOVE this bind off and use it on nearly everything. Click here for my tutorial on how to do it. It’s easy once you get the hang of it.


knitting the stockholm scarf in the round

 This can be worn SOOO many different ways, including around the shoulders, like this:

knit the stockholm scarf cowl in the round

I’ve been wearing it just scrunched up twice around my neck.

how to knit the stockholm scarf in the round

Well, I’ve blabbed on and on…

Let’s sum it up. I love this scarf. I loved making it so much. Took 2 weeks. Soothing. I’ll wear the tail off of it.

Now for some feel-good-ness. Totally off topic, but I can’t stop watching this amazing YouTube video. Makes me sobby every time. I hope it brightens your day and makes your heart swell up with all kinds of good emotions!!



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And remember to ENJOY YOUR day!