Today I threw caution to the wind.

I slipped into that “non-thinking” state where all over-analyzing and paralysis cannot exist, and… bought a bunch of stuff.

Yes, stuff.

It felt as if time stood still and I hovered near a precipice of decision. Act now. That was all I knew.

1. I decided on a name for my new, super-secret  business I’m formulating. And it’s pretty awesome.

2. I ordered yarn directly from a factory for my yarn business, Expression Fiber Arts. They had previously sent samples of said yarn to me, free of charge, since I had expressed interest in purchasing from them. I knew I had to have it once I began knitting and crocheting with it. It was SILKY. It was LUSTEROUS. It was PEARLESCENT. And it was 100% wool. So amazing it was, that I could not resist. I had to share this with other knitters. I had to get this out to the world! I was already imagining the irresistable colors I would dye this yarn into. Raspberry. Teal. Smoke. Pumpkin. Ebony. Dark Chocolate. I could nearly TASTE how delicious this yarn was. And it was perfect for shawl-knitting. Draping, but with structure. And the shine. Did I mention the SHINE?

I inquired if they might have a worsted-weight version of this as well. I waited for their response, but that would come another day.

3. I purchased roving. Luscious, creamy roving to paint with all my heavenly colors. Mmmm… the hours my customers would spend spinning and knitting this delectable fiber tickled me pink. I knew I only wanted to offer amazing products and this was incredible. I placed my order. And began to wait; patiently.

The reason for my urgency in placing these orders is as such: The very next week was to be my first “real” introduction to a thing called: JOB.

Yes, I had been blessed with a fabulous part-time J-O-B. It was a semi-new experience for me, in that I had worked before, but in different capacities.

Mostly I had worked for my parents, and then had run my own cosmetic company in my 20’s. When that ended due to a divorce, I swore I’d never own another business again.

But. I love it. I love the thrill of product research. Color-creation. Creating kits and seasonal collections. Seeing what sells and what doesn’t. Freedom. Peace. It’s thrilling on so many levels.

So here I am. Starting 2 businesses. And starting a JOB. The JOB will provide me with extra income while my businesses take root. As well as give some structure to my day. Not to mention it gets mighty cold (50 below) where I live, and those dark, cold winter days ahead were looking… well, dark and cold. It’s best to get up and out of the house from time to time so as not to succumb to cabin-fever!

4. I ordered dyes. Professional acid dyes for my yarn and roving. Color is a passion of mine and I heartily ordered my primary shades, black, grays, syringes, bottles, gloves, etc. Glorious times!!

So I have much deliciosity in store for you!

On a knitting note…

I had also completed (or thought I had), my knitted Mulberry Hat… I soaked it in warm water. And placed it lovingly over a styrofoam ball to dry. I even pinned out all the little edges to the ironing board in hopes to avoid the inevitable: Stockinette stitch curling. It curled. As much as I liked the look of the curled edge, it wasn’t what I wanted. So back to the needles…Next post, the finished hat!

Until next time…