Adeline Crochet Shawl Pattern

//Adeline Crochet Shawl Pattern

Adeline Crochet Shawl Pattern

Holy mother of pearl.

I never know how anything I create is going to be received.

A few products or patterns will turn out to be flops. Some will be home runs. Most will be somewhere in the middle.

Let’s just say this Adeline Shawl was a HUGGGGE and stunning home run.

20,000 people visited our site the first day to see it.

It was downloaded 5,000 times in the first 24 hours.

For the first time ever with one of my patterns, it was showing in the “Hot Right Now” patterns on Ravelry. Woot!

It was quite insane and fascinating. I had actually assumed since it was a more advanced pattern that the opposite would happen. But I’m thrilled and tickled beyond words that it was so well-received.

So… thank you. I cannot wait to start seeing all the versions pop up online.


When you make yours, use #adelineshawl so I can seeeee!

If you’re on Ravelry, you can favorite it and upload your project here.


This pattern is designed for use with 2 skeins of our Superwash Merino Wool Resilient Sock yarn in colorway: SAFFRON. Choose any colorway you like, though!

Pineapples upon pineapples upon pineapples

•A more advanced pattern for those comfortable with crochet. If you’re familiar with working pineapples, this pattern will be a breeze. If not, you’ll learn something new!

•This forms a triangle shape and can be worn in multiple ways: as a traditional shawl wrapped around your shoulders or like I’ve shown in the photo, as a bandana/cowl.

•You really don’t have to worry about running out of yarn because the design is a repeating pattern. Just stop when you decide you’re finished and work the edging rows and you’re done!

•Picture tutorial included for EACH row so you’re never left in the dark, scratching your head in confusion. 

•Ideal for solid or tonal yarns, but hey, go wild and crazy if you want and use a variegated. Life is too short for holding yourself back from your greatest desires!

•You’ll need a size E (3.5 mm) hook. You’ll want to be comfortable with single, double and triple crochets, as well as chaining and slip stitching. 



Expression Fiber Arts Adeline Crochet Shawl Pattern Expression Fiber Arts Adeline Crochet Shawl Pattern Expression Fiber Arts Adeline Crochet Shawl Pattern Expression Fiber Arts Adeline Crochet Shawl Pattern Expression Fiber Arts Adeline Crochet Shawl Pattern

Isn’t it just lovely?

I hope you enjoy.

Now, head on over to download it and comment below, letting me know what you think!

If you do a blog post on your version, be sure to comment below as well and share the link!!



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  1. Julia October 22, 2015 at 6:27 pm - Reply

    Hey Chandi! I left a comment on your Ravelry pattern page for the Adeline shawl, but I wanted to say a bit more and figured your blog post would be the best place to do so.

    I was thrilled to see such a gorgeous pattern available for crocheters and when I saw that you were offering it for free, I was shocked. Then, when I went to go and leave a comment of thanks, I was again shocked. It was appalling how many people felt that they should post comments complaining about the website sign ups, or telling you how you should be offering your pattern.

    The fact is, if they want to get a gorgeous free pattern, you are merely asking them to take approximately 30 seconds to go through a check-out process. It is ridiculously ironic that if you were charging $3 for the pattern and directing them to buy it through your website, you wouldn’t have gotten any of those complaints. So in effect, you are doing people a favor and receiving negativity and complaints in return. I wish people would stop responding to generosity with selfishness and self-interest.

    At any rate, you are a talented designer, a gifted yarn artist, and a beautiful lady. I’m glad that I found your website; your blog is now in my tracker. =D

    • Chandi October 23, 2015 at 7:17 pm - Reply

      Awww… That’s the sweetest thing. This means a lot. : )

  2. Tina Williamson October 25, 2015 at 2:36 pm - Reply

    This shawl is beautiful. I need to learn to crochet. Your yarns are my favorite.

  3. Margot October 27, 2015 at 6:01 am - Reply

    I love everything about this – the color, the drape, the weight… thank you! I’m very excited to work on it.

  4. Marion October 28, 2015 at 6:41 pm - Reply

    Love the Crocheted Pineapple’s, they have always been my favorite. When I saw this free pattern my immediate thought was it would be perfect for granddaughters (Plural) Birthday gifts in 2016. Am sure they will like them too. Thank you for the gorgeous pattern.

  5. Carol Olszewski November 1, 2015 at 6:39 pm - Reply

    Your Adeline shawl is exquisite! I am a huge fan of all things “Chandi”…you are an amazingly talented and creative woman. May your light always shine bright!

  6. sheryl sanders November 8, 2015 at 3:35 pm - Reply

    I want to thank you for the exquisite shawl pattern and the your kindness for offering it free.
    I love your patterns but its your yarn that has took my heart. the colors are so true, bright and
    the feel is hard to put into words. saying that I have and will continue to purchase yarn from you.
    as well as patterns. may God bless you.

  7. Lorie Vanderwalker November 22, 2015 at 3:30 am - Reply

    Recently found one of your tutorials on youtube and I can now knit after years of attempting and doing it wrong, your lesson was very clear and made so much sense. So I immediately made two neck scarves for a couple of friends practicing my new knit, purl skills. Thank you so much. Have you made a tutorial on how to do a cable stitch?
    You are an excellent instructor. I hope to learn many things from you. I also want to check out your yarns. Thank you for being you and sharing your talents !

  8. Mary Lane March 10, 2016 at 9:15 pm - Reply

    I am going to start working on your Adeline shawl pattern using your Persia resilient sock yarn. I was just wondering how many repeats did you do of 6-9 please?

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