I have several things I want to tell you today, which I feel are quite important and I’ve been itching to share with you for a while now.


1. Many of you are asking me about my superwash worsted weight wool:

  • I attempted to order more a few weeks ago and my supplier informed me they are not carrying it anymore unless I want to order 500 kg (over  1,100 lbs). Yikes.  I am not quite that big of a company yet. So that was out.
  • I went on the search for a new supplier and on that search have located some DELICIOUS, seriously, nearly edibly delicious yarns. WHOA. Silk. Cashmere. Handspun wool. GAH. It’s hard to type fast enough because I’m getting all excited now.
  • SO. I will be placing an order later this week for many new yarns and will be getting them listed on the site as I get them finished.
  • CLUB members! Fear not. If you ordered the worsted wt for your club packages, I have saved enough and you will still receive that.
  • FINAL SKEINS of remaining worsted weight superwash wool will be listed in the shop in the discounts section as soon as I get to it. It will PROBABLY be next week, but just keep checking back as these will be ON SALE and will never be offered again.
  • You can hold the corresponding fingering weight version of this superwash merino wool yarn DOUBLE and it will produce a yarn similar to the worsted wt, if you’re desperate. 😉
  • Right now I am redoing all the product photos to be the inspiration/palette/skein photo you’ve seen on my new colors, and as I do so, I will be updating the yarn descriptions to no longer mention the worsted weight. That’s right. The new yarns will be in new colors. WOO! Too exciting. Which leads me to the next big announcement:

2. Like mentioned, I am redoing all old product photos (which were taken with my iPhone and to be honest are not the greatest), using my new Nikon D3100.

  • A few of you have emailed asking about the yarn you received and how it compares with the photos. I am not 100% happy with the older photos and have been needing to get them redone for months now. THIS IS THE WEEK! I am pushing everything aside and focusing on getting these done. HOPEFULLY they will all be finished by the end of this week and I will be happy and you will be happy. 😀
  • So far I have these three finished and am loving them:
gray superwash merino wool yarn
flower colors wool sock yarn
blue merino wool yarn

3. A word on hand-dyed yarn. I will most likely do a page on this topic alone and begin to send out cards in your orders explaining this, but I feel a quick mention of it will be most helpful.

  • All of my hand-dyed colorways are created using precise methods and formulas. However. Each skein will not be exact. That is a fact. Even within the same dye lot, skeins may and probably will be slightly different. This is to be expected.
  • So please know that when you order, your skeins will be as close as I can humanly get them to be, but will NOT be exact, even within the same dye lot. Semi solid colors do have a tendency to be nearly exact, and MOST multi-colored skeins are nearly identical. But just for the few of you wanting exact skeins all the time… I would recommend commercially-dyed yarn and not hand-dyed.
  • I strongly recommend that you alternate skeins every other row if you are doing a project that requires more than 1 skein. 😀


4. NEW PRODUCT TIME! WOO! Now for the fun stuff! I have some new products for you!


TWILIGHT: New colorway in our superwash merino wool sock yarn:

twilight blue and gray wool sock yarn


NEW SILK YARN! This yarn is a luscious 2 ply lace weight silk. Creamy? Yes! Satiny? Yes! Drapey? Yes! Silk keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

This silk yarn will be a sort of “test” to see if you are interested in such a thing. This is for 50g, and I may order in 100g skeins later, which would of course cost more. So keep in mind it is more expensive than wool and is not for everybody.

But if you love yarn and want something special and delicious, this is it!

•I have VERY limited amounts of these and will only reorder and redye if the interest is high enough. 


yellow silk yarn pic



purple silk yarn photo



multi colored lace silk yarn

So I think those are all the announcements for right now!

I appreciate each and every one of you and all your support! You gals are AMAZING! 😀

I am off to go edit photos! Just keep an eye on the site as things will be changing and updating daily. ENJOY!