These convertible mittens are functional and warm and can be worn in two different ways: As a normal mitten for cooler winter days and as a fingerless mitt for those times when you need to use your fingers: Pulling out your credit card at the grocery store, rifling through your keys, texting on your cell phone, etc. Here I am piddling on my iPhone:

iphone knitting pattern gloves

I’ve decided to offer the pattern for free! I’d say it’s an intermediate pattern, as I am assuming you understand how to work seed stitch. Any stitch that is purled (has a purl bump) you want to knit. And if the stitch is a knit stitch, you’ll want to purl it.

I have made SCADS of pairs of regular flip-top mittens and I am just tired of making them. So I just started knitting these, knowing I wanted them to be different from anything I’d made before and still be functional for my uses. And I’m really happy with them!

easy knitted fingerless mitten pattern

Plus they are in my new Crimson yarn, which I’m in love with and actually designed based off of my hair flower that I wanted them to match. Woo! LOVE!!

These are designed to flip over your fingers like so, and then flip again to be fingerless mitts:

free flip top knitted mitten patternconvertible knitting pattern for mittens

And there’s a slit for the thumb too!


So without further ado, here is the pattern:


These will fit most women…
Length: 9.5 inches
Width: 3.75 inches

70 g of fingering weight wool held double (I used my LusterSoft Fingering wool in color: CRIMSON) If working with one skein, you will want to create a center-pull ball or wind your yarn into a center-pull yarn cake. Then you can hold one strand from the outside and one from the inside. Here is a link on how to wind a center-pull ball in case you’ve never created one:

US 8 (5.00 mm)

Tapestry needle for weaving in ends

5 st/in in stockinette stitch


Each mitten is identical, except for where the slit in the mitten is placed. So create two and then place the slit on the side of the mitten where your pointer finger is.


BO=Bind Off
CO=Cast On
K1tbl=Knit 1 through the back loop
K2tog=Knit 2 together
LLinc=Left-leaning increase
RLinc=Right-leaning increase
P2tog=Purl 2 together
SSK=Slip, Slip, Knit

Here we go!


CO 30 st using the long tail CO method.

Divide your stitches among your needles and join to work in the round, being careful not to twist your stitches.

Work 1×1 twisted rib for 14 rounds. Twisted rib = (K1tbl, P1) around.


K 2 rnds

Now we’re going to start increasing for the thumb.

K13, RLinc, K4, Llinc, K13

K (meaning knit this rnd)

K 13, RLinc, K6, LLinc, K 13


K 13, RLinc, K8, LLinc, K 13


K 13, RLinc, K10, LLinc, K 13


K 13, RLinc, K12, LLinc, K 13


K 13, RLinc, K14, LLinc, K 13


K 13, RLinc, K16, LLinc, K 13


K 13, RLinc, K18, LLinc, K 13


K 13, RLinc, K20, LLinc, K 13


K15, move 18 st to holder (we will later turn these into the thumb), CO 4 st via the cable CO method, K15

Divide your stitches in half, with 17 on each needle, with half for the top part of the mitten and half on the palm side.

On 17 st only, work seed st for 22 rows.

Now we decrease to finish off the tip.

SSK, work seed st until 2 st remain, K2tog

Seed st

Repeat the last two rows until 7 st remain. BO.

Alright, you’ve now completed one half of the mitten top. Repeat the exact same procedure on the other 17 st you left waiting.


K2tog, P2tog, work seed st around.

You should have 16 st on your needles.

Work seed st for 8 more rnds.

To create the slit for the thumb, BO 8 st, continue in seed st for 8 st.

CO 8 st using the cable CO method.

Seed st for 4 rnds.

(K2tog, P2tog) around.

Seed st

K2tog, P2tog

Draw the yarn through the loops and cinch tightly.


Now try on your mitten to see how it fits and then sew up the halves of the mitten top, using any method you like ( I used basic whip stitch), leaving a gap that your pointer finger can easily slide out of.

Weave in your ends, being sure to sew up the hole left between the thumb and hand.


easy free knitting pattern for flip top mittens

red knitted mitten pattern

I hope you enjoy!

I was in a wee bit of a rush to get this pattern up (since I’ve been dyeing yarn like a mad woman) so if you find any errors, let me know. Have fun!