We are moved. We are unpacked. We are settled.

We are first-time home buyers. It’s scary. And exciting. We’re finding all the cool places we love to eat/hang out close to the new house.

I am finally feeling back in the groove of normalcy. For the most part.

Loving all the giant Charlotte trees. They are massive and glorious.

cool houses charlotte north carolina

Caught in the act! Blogging at Barnes and Noble.

chandi agee about town

And as I promised myself, I’m finally getting back into working out. Running, I’ve discovered, despite absolutely slaying me and making my lungs feel stripped and raw, does my body a WORLD of good.

I’ve NEVER been a runner. But Tim runs. So I thought, “Hey, why not?”

1.6 miles later of run/walking, I couldn’t breathe and wasn’t sure if I could continue on with life:

chandi agee running

chandi agee running tired

I struggled. Don’t let the semi-pleasant look on my face fool you:

chandi agee running

Tim was chugging along like all was well with the world.

tim agee running

If you live in or ever visit Charlotte, NC, you MUST check out Freedom Park. It’s our favorite park here and sensational in so many ways. You’ll see loads of wonderful folks chilling, walking their dogs, having a photoshoot, riding their bikes and more.

freedom park, charlotte north carolina

freedom park charlotte nc

freedom park charlotte, nc

freedom park, charlotte NC

freedom park, Charlotte, NC

freedom park charlotte, NC

As for the knitting/crocheting front, I have shifted a bit more these days into design mode. So I’ll give you a hint of the pattern to come next. Do let me know what you think in the comments. I always loveeee reading your comments, ya know.

sneak peek crochet cowl


My current plan is to try and put out a new pattern every other week. Some knit. Some crochet.

When I first started the yarn business, I agonized over choosing one craft and doing patterns only in that craft. But…

I love BOTH. SO MUCH! Call me a weirdo, but I can’t choose. So I’ll keep doing patterns in both crafts for as long as I darn well please. Hurray!

You can always check the pattern category of the site if you want to stay up to date with the new ones. Most are free, so hop on over to grab some if you want. 

Alrighty, have a good one. I’m off to enjoy sitting on our new porch, in this gorgeous southern rainstorm.

Oh ya. With this little one. She just showed up one day and has taken up residence on our porch.


Our hearts broke. We fed her. She hasn’t left and is slowly but surely wheedling her way into our hearts. We are NOT cat people and Tim’s allergic, so she can’t come inside. But there is a chance we may be turning into cat-loving people for the first time ever. Little stinker.

cat on porch

Over and out.