With our recent move, I am BEHIND on blogging! A bit of catch up for ya today.

Right before we moved, we had a fun date night, out and about in Charlotte.

It really is a wonderful city. Can you believe we lived a YEAR here and rarely ventured out? Cwazy!

chandi agee about town

As for this next shot, fortunately, I was NOT drinking. As for the trespassing… that’s up in the air:

chandi agee about town

We hopped into our good friend, Sydney’s, weaving show. She’s a fabulous, pro weaver and yarn dyer. I hope to someday take a lesson from her on her “real” loom. I’ve got a couple rigid heddle looms, but she’s got the cool BIG ones!! Check out her fabulousness here.

sydney sogol weaving

I mean… LOOK at this beautiful piece. Whoaaaaaa.

sydney sogol weaving

We waddled around town. I can’t get over southern sunsets and the gorgeous golden glow! It never gets old.

chandi agee about town

I’ll have more updates for you soon on the new house, etc.

I admit, the move took more out of me than I expected. The first day I woke up thinking… “Where AM I? What is this place?”

I’m happy to be done moving for now. After moving 6 times in 5 years, I’m excited to be settled and content, making a little nest for boo and me.

Stay tuned. Lotsa love.