Sweater News:

Well, lemme tell ya.

I am almost done with my Dark and Stormy Cardigan. Which, due to the Glass Blue color, is more like a “Bright and Clear” Cardigan. 🙂

I finished the sleeves earlier this week while watching Pride and Prejudice.

I’ve now picked up stitches all the way around the front and collar (while watching Sense and Sensibility).

Whew. The end is in sight.

I’m not revealing yet what I’ve decided on the collar, but will tell you next time.  (He he he.. *rubs hands together with a sneaky grin on face)

I am BLOWN AWAY by the number of responses (240 so far) on my last post asking for collar advice. WOW! Thanks for all the suggestions. Such wise and loving gals you are. Blessed indeed I am to “know” each of you.

So stay tuned for final photos on this one! SOON!!!

Weaving Stuff

I finished my first scarf the day after starting it but never showed you!! EEEEeeeep!

my first woven silk scarf

I used my Sea Jade silk as the warp (running the length of the scarf) and the new Macaron (French spelling in case you wondered… it’s Macaroon in English) as the weft (going back and forth).

(It helps me to remember that the weft yarn goes “wight” and “weft,” “wight” and “weft.”)

It’s SUPER COOL! My first woven scarf! Gasp!

The only thing is… I got anxious to take it off the loom (since it’s my first woven piece!) and so I actually have a…

my first woven silk scarf by hand

MINI scarf. HA! It barely wraps around my neck, but it works! I’ll just tuck the ends into my jacket. I’m so silly sometimes.

I’ve started weaving something else using scrap cream colored yarns:

silky scrap hand-woven scarf

Isn’t it GORG? Looks like silky, creamy burlap. HELLO. Don’t know what it is or what I’ll do with it, but I’m having fun and that is what counts.

BUT ALL projects, including this one, are on hold until my sweater is done!

Focus, focus, focus!! That is the word of the day!

I’ll go for now… My sweater is calling my name…

The REAL question for today is…

Does it bother you I started to paint my desk white weeks ago and just quit? (Ha ha!! I crack myself up sometimes)


We’ll talk soon…