Well, howdy do.

I have new stuff for you! I’ve been listing new yarn colors on the site since yesterday (many more to come! Keep an eye on the facebook page!) and…

A new pattern! YAY!

easy knitted hat pattern

Funny story.

About 8 months ago my nephew, Brandon asked for a purple hat.

Who knows what I was thinking but I just didn’t get it done! And then BOOM, 8 months had slipped by and it still wasn’t done!

Unacceptable, I say! 🙂

So I dyed up a “manly” purple, called Smoky Mountain Rain (sold out). and whipped out this hat for him. (Ya, that’s me modeling it, just in case you’re wondering).

easy knitted hat pattern


easy knitted hat pattern

So this hat was “sorta” 8 months in the works, but only took a couple hours. Yeesh.

Peeps were begging me on Facebook to share the pattern, so I wrote it up and it’s available in the shop now!

easy knitted hat pattern

What’s so cool about this pattern is you can use it with any size yarn, any size needles and make a hat for any size head. Seriously! It’s my go-to beanie formula and makes for great last minute gifts.

easy knitted hat pattern


easy knitted hat pattern

In other news!

I know you’ve been bursting to see how I finished up my Dark and Stormy Cardigan, so here is a quick sneak peek… I’ll try to get the buttons sewn on soon and official pictures taken for you:

dark and stormy cardigan finished object

Basically I did a twisted rib (knit into the back loops instead of the usual way) and did some yarn overs for button holes. Voila. I LOVE it.Pics soon!I’m off to weave and list more colors for you… Just wanted to share this adorable little purple hat with you!Enjoy your day!! Sending lots of love your way!XOXOXO