I randomly dyed up this little beauty yesterday.

It’s called Lavender and Light. Isn’t she amazing? The colors! The curves!

I popped it up on Facebook this morning and boom. All 20 tester skeins sold out lickety split.

I dyed approximately 160 skeins yesterday of various colors and I don’t know what it IS about yarn dyeing but it is exhausting!

To try and keep up with the demand, after listing new items, doing social stuff, announcing our $1500 July yarn giveaway and other general work, I dyed up 60 more skeins of this today and simply couldn’t go on. It’s listed again if you wanted it and missed out.

Our torrential downpour during the morning turned into a brilliantly sunny afternoon. Hurray! I love the rain really. But yarn just doesn’t like to get dry unless it has some heat and wind.

We’ve been working 7 days a week pretty much, trying to take days off, but it hasn’t really happened. The minute I start to relax, I want to knit or crochet and then of course I want to share it with you on social outlets and then I want to respond to your comments and then I check emails, poke around my website and… Well. I’m working again. It all flows together. Such is the life of a yarn shop owner.

I collapsed flat out on the floor and couldn’t move. Being overdramatic. But you get the point. Pecked on my phone. Tried to drag my body up and over to the stove to dye more. Couldn’t do it. Watched some Shark Tank and read some in the latest book I’ve discovered (through my nephew, Robi) Busting Loose from the Money Game. Brilliant book!

I could go on a tangent just about that… money’s not so much about what you know, but what you feel. Ah ha. “Tis true. Get the book if you love to read and want more money in your life!

Anyways. *takes swig of decaf coffee

Here I am, awake way past my bedtime (I prefer to go to bed around 7 or 8, but my schedule is all off and here I am being all crazy awake at 10 pm!), blogging about being tired.


In other news, we leave for North Carolina in 1 month exactly. Your comments on my post about our move just…moved me. Lovely, lovely gals (and a few guys) you all are. Love you back!

Many of you asked about the city we’re moving to. He he. Starts with a C and ends with harlotte. Ha ha! I find myself so funny sometimes when I’m not.

Get some sleeps and check back soon as I am going to keep you updated on the dye front. Lots of lovelies coming soon. One of the perks of lying prostrate on the floor unable to move from exhaustion is that your mind comes up with some great ideas and I figured out a way to dye a gorgeous, subtle rainbow yarn in no time flat. When you’re dyeing hundreds of skeins a day, every minute counts.

Thanks for understanding about all the colors selling out so quickly. We list, they sell. We list, they sell. It’s a good thing, of course. But we are working on some amazing things which will help with that issue a lot! Expansion is in the air!

Stay tuned. Much more excitement in the works.