Oh good. You’re here.

I was worried you wouldn’t come.

I have news! Juicy news.

Grab a hot tea and settle in for a listen.

We’re moving. Not just down the street. 4,300 miles away.

It’s true.

The hubs and I are packing up all our worldly goods (which means basically clothes and yarn as we’re giving most everything else away to family and friends) and heading for the south.

We’re saying good-bye to Fairbanks, Alaska in favor of a warmer, sunnier climate. North Carolina.

It’s funny. I get many, many emails from lovely peeps who are fascinated that we live in Alaska. It seems to be the dream vacation spot for many. So many people want to see the Northern Lights, experience the 24-hour daylight, see whales (none in Fairbanks), see the regal snowy mountains (can’t really see those in Fairbanks either, except on a super clear day way in the distance), and more.

I always smile with understanding because Alaska is very, very cool.

Interesting Tid Bits About Alaska

•We have 4 seasons: Summer, Already Winter, Really Winter, Still Winter.

•It’s cool to experience 30, 40 and even 50 below zero F. You can throw a cup of coffee in the air and it will disappear before hitting the ground. It’s really cold. So cold it hurts to breathe and open your eyes. I always wondered why my eyes didn’t freeze open. When you bend down to plug your car in, your jeans feel like sheets of ice on your skin.

•Plug your car in? Yes. In winter you have to plug your car in for several hours to warm up your engine parts and start it about 20-30 minutes before going anywhere. This inevitably led to me just hanging out in the house mostly.

•And the dark. It stays dark most of the winter, with a bleak blip of sun peering up over the horizon for a dim, hint of a day.

•But then during the summer, it’s daylight all the time! You can shoot off fireworks for the fourth of July but you can’t see them super well…because it’s not dark. And if you’re like me, you have to wear a sleep mask and have dark curtains so you can get some sleeps at night.

The summers are ridiculously gorgeous when the sun is shining. Some years you get more sun than others. It’s a bit rainy this year, which I’m actually loving since I know we’re headed to a winter with actual daylight and decent temps.

So how did we decide where to move?

We just picked a random place in the US. Literally. We looked at various factors, like taxes, climate, proximity to family and other cities, etc, and ultimately just went on a big road trip in the south and decided on North Carolina.

We just…knew. Call it intuition. Or don’t. It just feels right. I could almost physically feel my heart lighting up when we drove through there.

So why exactly are we moving? Warmth, opportunity, adventure and because…

We want to. It’s time.

So we’ve spent the last month preparing, working our booties off in the yarn biz, and in 5 weeks we’ll give all our furniture away, rent a small Uhaul for the yarn and a few other items and off we go down the Alcan.

We’ll hit up the Edmonton mall, my niece Kami and her hubs, Ross in North Dakota, be off to see my parents and other family in Arkansas, Tim’s family in Alabama and then to our new home.

We know no one there. We have no home. We’ll officially be homeless. How fun! What an adventure. We’re so ready.

We’ll settle into our new life and get all busy with the yarn business again. And life as usual.

We’ll just be a bit warmer. And the idea that we’ll be able to get in our car and drive to a neighboring city? Crazy! What a novel, precious, wonderful thing!

It gets hot, you say? Air conditioning, my friend!

Life is life no matter where you are and YOU ultimately make your life what it is, but it’s sure a lot easier when you’re not freezing your patootles off in a cold, dark house.

That’s just us, though.

We are hoping to be able to continue to ship orders for you even during parts of our trip. We’ll see how that goes.

Life is a juicy peach waiting to be devoured. And we’re plucking it, slicing it and baking it into a scrumptious pie.

Oh, yes.

Stay tuned. We’ll surely be posting pictures and updates and whatnot. Fun stuff.

Thanks for reading! I haven’t been blogging much lately as we’ve been working 7 days a week, shipping, sorting and recounting inventory, sending it off to its new homes.

The pic above is me right this minute, here in the College Coffeehouse, making time for this blog post.

Until next time, dear one.

Stay your sweet self.