“Why are you rushing?” I ask myself… ⁣

“Why are you rushing through life?…⁣

Where exactly do you think you’re going?⁣

Where are you headed that you feel the need to constantly rush, forge ahead? ⁣

Why are you wishing away THIS PRECIOUS, sacred moment for some unreachable future reward, that, the moment it comes is quickly forgotten as you move ever onward toward the next goal?⁣

What are you rushing toward?⁣

When will you realize your life is now?⁣

What will it take for you to revel in each blessed moment? ⁣

The highs, the lows. The joy and the pain. Times of peace and periods of challenge.⁣

Each experience is a thread in the beautiful tapestry that is Your Life. ⁣

Why not enjoy it?”

chandi knitting sweater

chandi knitting sweater