You knowwww I love what I do. You know it. I adore Expression Fiber Arts and everything we’re able to produce for you day in and day out.

However, the past year and a half or so, I’ve had a dull blah feeling in my heart. Does what I do make any difference in the world? What direction do we take the business?

And then last summer, my daddy decided to make his transition to a better place in the clouds and my heart was crushed. So many times I felt like throwing up when it would hit me all over again… my daddy isn’t here anymore. Where did you go, daddy?

So when my sis and I heard about a Caribbean cruise with Anita Moorjani (my fave author) and Joe Dispenza (Dena’s fave author), we made a quick decision to GO FOR IT. Life is swift. Let’s live it up. Plus, we haven’t spent much time together at all in recent years and it felt like a great opportunity to be together, remember daddy and have a restart on life.

The Journey

So off we went!

chandi and dena caribbean cruise 2018

As life would have it, right as I was headed to the airport, our site decided to totally wig out, preventing many people from checking out. This was right after I sent out an email newsletter to nearly 100,000 people.

I spent all day Friday, on the way to the airport, in the airport, on the plane, in the hotel, etc, answering emails, emails, emails.

It caused so much panic/stress in my body that my neck erupted in vicious hives (which didn’t disappear until we returned 8 days later… weird!).

So the theme of the trip was… RELEASE STRESS. Let it go! Life isn’t meant to be lived in that state and I had been feeling far too much of it in the past few months.

But overall, the trip was incredible…


Joe and Anita were just sensational in our near-daily seminars. They have both already changed our lives, but seeing and hearing them live took it to a whole new level. Please read their books and if you get a chance to attend a live seminar, DO IT. They are so sweet. So authentic. And them together was such a treat. I took NOTES galore, cried and laughed till I was drained and had so many life insights.

•We did a morning sunrise meditation out on the deck of the cruise ship and my mascara just poured down my face. So much emotion.

•Anita played Dancing Queen at the end of one of her talks and it brought up so much nostalgia and sadness that Dena and I laugh/cried until I literally became sick and had to stay in bed the rest of the day.


We got seated with the most amazing German ladies our first night at formal dinner and we spent the week with them and their friends. Now I want to learn German!

It felt like the whole ship was one big happy family and we had such a blast meeting everybody.

chandi and dena caribbean cruise 2018


chandi and dena caribbean cruise 2018

So many beaches. So much sand! We visited Grand Turk Island, San Juan, St. Thomas and Half Moon Cay.

chandi and dena caribbean cruise 2018

chandi and dena caribbean cruise 2018

chandi and dena caribbean cruise 2018

chandi and dena caribbean cruise 2018

chandi and dena caribbean cruise 2018

We got roasted like little lobsters.

chandi and dena caribbean cruise 2018

chandi and dena caribbean cruise 2018

We almost got stuck way out in the water on a water bike since our legs almost gave out on us. Haha! More laughter.

So many pretty pics. SUNSETS! New foods! Tasted fried conch for the first time.

chandi and dena caribbean cruise 2018

chandi and dena caribbean cruise 2018

My meal is actually UNDER all this food and this was just one meal. HAHA!! I gained 3 lbs.

chandi and dena caribbean cruise 2018

The sand was different in each port and it all absolutely amazed me. In Half Moon Cay it the finest, most creamiest of sands… like flour. The water was the most vibrant of turquoise shades I’ve seen. I was pretty sure it was heaven. The sand was grittier in the turks and such a universe of lives come and gone…all those little crunched shells.

chandi and dena caribbean cruise 2018


While we were in the Grand Turks, Dena asked daddy if he was there… and a boat bobbed by with the word, Papa, on it, which is what we called him. ***TEARS!!!

It was such a wonderful trip.

We’d wake up early in the morning and insights would flood in.

It was more than a physical journey. It was a journey through the soul. A trek through the inner regions of what makes us tick and we have come out the other side Refreshed. Renewed. Restored.

My first few days back to work have been so joyous and focused and inspiration is welling up in me again. Hello, inspiration! Happy to see you again!

*If you start to see some ocean-inspired yarn colors, you’ll know why!

Each small thing is such a wonder… I am drinking in life.

I’m writing this on my back porch and the air smells of my hot chai tea and freshly cut grass. Birds are serenading in the trees. The subtlest of breezes nudges me. The air is crisp, cool. I’m surrounded by things I love. A cuddly blanket. A warming rice pack. A new notebook for my new life. Bella Grace, one of my favorite magazines. Bright aqua fingernails.

Life is truly a treasure we’ve each been given. And as Dr. Joe says, let’s be in this generous present moment.

Yes! Drink it up! Drink it up!

To life!