Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best.

I designed this gorgeous Palette shawl a few years ago and we originally released it in a series of pastel shades.

The idea came to me to give this simple knitted shawl pattern new life. New colors. New yarn base. New photos!

It’s a beginner-level pattern – just a 2-row repeat and we filmed a video for you too! VERY VERY easy!

But look how beyond gorgeous this thing is:

free knitted beginner easy shawl patterns

free knitted beginner easy shawl pattern

And T-totally customizable! Make it thinner, wider, longer, shorter. Whatever! Instructions are included in the free pattern download for various options.



We used our gradient kit: Merak Hues on our fancy Sparkle Dk yarn base. 5 skeins total. But choose any colors you love. Use thicker or thinner yarns – really, make this your own. For the sample shown, we used a total of: 12.8 oz or approximately 1000 yards. We had just a little ball of each color left!

free knitted beginner easy shawl pattern free knitted beginner easy shawl patterns


Beginner –  This pattern is suited to the new knitter.

More juicy details about this lovely free knitted shawl pattern!

It’s an easy 2-row repeat. Yes, it’s true. Simple to memorize and great for chatting and knitting at the same time.

It’s totally adjustable. Cast on more stitches for a blanket. Cast on fewer stitches for a scarf. Make it longer. Shorter. Whatever. I give you my cast on recommendations but feel free to experiment once you know the stitch pattern.

You don’t have to worry about running out of yarn. You’ll start to notice this trend in a lot of my patterns. Since we dye small batches of many limited edition colors you want to be able to just stop knitting if you run out of yarn, rather than need several more yards to complete it. So this pattern fits the bill.

Makes for a great travel or movies cover up. Ever freeze to death in the movies? I do every time. This’ll turn your frozen movie time into a cozy, cuddly, warm and shareable adventure. Take on the plane with you or in the car to drape up over your body when trying to nap during a trip. You can thank me later.

A perfect writing/reading wrap. Curl up with your journal or favorite novel and snuggle with your Palette shawl. Don’t forget some tea!

It’s a parallelogram! That right there makes it super cool.

Due to its size, it’s a cross between a blanket and a shawl. A shanket? A blawl?

Great for use with solid colorways but simple enough for variegated yarn or gradients.Have your way with the pattern. It can take it.

Anyhoo, I hope you LOVE IT!!

Enjoy, enjoy!

Download the written version here. Get more knit and crochet patterns here. And if you’d like to get notified when our next free pattern is up, you can sign up for email updates there on the site. Totally up to you!

Talk to ya soon.


“If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” – Vincent Van Gogh

free knitted beginner easy shawl patterns free knitted beginner easy shawl pattern