I had an idea!

Here’s what I’m needing from you.

COMMENT below and let me know:

  • Your favorite word (or many!)
  • A phrase you adore (something I can use and not be infringing on any trademarks, etc.)
  • Include the colors you think would match up with that word or phrase

And then I will do my best to make them happen. Can’t make any promises, but I am really hoping to do a bunch of them for you!

I also can’t guarantee it’ll perfectly match what you envision, but hey. It’ll be fun.

As an example, check out thisย MAKE A SPLASH colorway, designed to help you feel juicy and positive and making a glorious splash of positivity wherever you go.

It can be anything… make up your own words! Write paragraphs!

I lean towards things that are empowering, inspiring, encouraging, sometimes fantastical or a bit quirky, but just go nuts. I might even branch into new areas!

I might do collections!

Oh lord, the possibilities are endless.

DO DO (do do?) comment below. I cannot WAIT to see these. Make sure you check back in the coming weeks to see if I used your words or phrases. I will keep referring back over the coming months, though, so keep posting as you think of new ideas.

Are you as excited as moi? OHHH!!!

Oh, comment away and I shall await your genius: