Oh Lord, how I love dyeing.

Yarn, that is.

I don’t do as much of it as I would like, as my duties have mostly shifted to answering emails, listing new colors on the site, blogging, social media stuff, ya know. Etc. Love all those things too. I’m endlessly in awe of our dyers who take my crazy formulas and produce stunning results week after week. (Side note… if you decide to start a business, MOST of your time won’t be making the thing you love to make… just sayin’.)

But sinking your hands into dye, watching crazy colors appear on the yarn that you weren’t expecting…feeling the cuddly, squishiness of it all… It’s a BLASTTT.

And so glamorous, as you can tell. Hair wadded on head. Headband. Hunkered down in the back yard in fuzzy slippers. Funky pants. All necessary for good yarn dyeing.

dyeing yarn in the sun

It’s a messy business. It’s glorious.

This gorgeous colorway became one of our October Edgar Allen Poe club colorways.

yarn dyeing

As did this one! I ended up layering multiple colors over this red to get a deep, smoky shade in the end.

yarn dyeing in the sun

I put them all into baggies and let them seep in the sun and they turned out beautimus. If you ordered the October club, you saw them! If not, they are sold out forever. Our clubs are secret and only those that order them see what the colors look like.

Oh! So mysterious.

If you’d like to try yarn dyeing, I recommend starting with Kool-Aid!

Watch my tutorial HERE.

It’s safe. Easy. Great for kids!

Can I just say that MAKING things is the greatest? I can’t imagine life without creativity. Is it even living? 😉

I think not.

Hey, have a great day. Stay tuned. I have loads of fun stuff planned for you.

Kees kees hug hug