The decision to cut my hair was quick and firm.

Tim was finally feeling better after a terrible bout of allergies and had rekindled his love of fashion and all things style and was researching it all online.

I was so inspired.

It hit me in an instant.

I knew right then and there I wanted to make a change. A big one!

“What think you of me getting a bob?”

“Do it,” he said.

So I pinterested and pinterested and came upon many examples I loved of both cut and color.

Made an appointment for the very next day and lollied up in that salon.

“A choppy A-line bob, please!”

And bob it, she did. She snipped and snapped and fluffed and blew and straightened and curled and lifted and…


A bob I had for the very first time in my life.
chandi new hair cut - short wavy bob

Being raised Pentecostal meant I never cut or trimmed my hair until I was 19. And ever since then I’ve never had it above shoulder level.

But I knew! Just in that quick instant. It needed to happen.

Can I say how ADORABLE I feel? I have struggled with long hair literally my entire life. Struggled with it.

Not to mention it’s curly and frizzy to boot. But also kinda thin. And I need height on top to look proper. So… it’s always been a pickle.

But this… THIS! I love it! It’s fantastic!!

chandi new hair cut - short wavy bob

I haven’t gotten the color done yet as there was a scheduling booboo. So I go in next week for my first professional balayage treatment. So very excited about that.

In addition to the change of my hair, I’ve started to make shifts in other areas as well.

1. Growing my nails out.

Being on the computer most of the day and/or knitting/crocheting or otherwise working with my hands, I haven’t had long nails since… 3rd grade, perhaps? I cannot, CANNOT stand them. Or I should say, I haven’t been able to stand them. Until now!

Look at those pretties! I intend to keep growing them longer and longer until they break or I get tired of them or whatever. This is huge for me!

chandi purple triangle shawl knitted design

2. Designing a knitted triangle shawl. 

I’m a crocheter first and foremost. Knitting is more of a challenge for me. So what better to do than to challenge myself further and not only knit a triangle lace shawl, but design one?

So several weeks in, I finished!

It’s purple. It’s shimmering. The color isn’t listed yet but I’ll keep you posted about all the details. Once listed (should go up in May) it’ll be in the Patterns category here.

And I’m starting to just do NEW things in general. Think outside the box! See things differently.

-I drank my coffee black this morning instead of loaded with milk. It was… tasty. Beany. Interesting.

-I’m wearing 3″ suede heels today. My feet hurt. In a good way. I will definitely do this again.

-I’m responding differently to other people. Oh that person doesn’t like what I’m doing? Thank GOD! That’s awesome. They have an opinion. I have an opinion! It’s all good! Life is SO good!

-Reading books that make me a wee bit uncomfortable.


At the library the other day, I saw this book and immediately felt I should read it. But I read the back and had weird feelings come up and I knew it was time to push through those feelings, allow them up and out and read something that made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life’s Perfection

I HIGHLY… highly recommend this book if you want a fascinating real-life story to get lost in. It describes the astronomical growth of his business, which I love, along with his decision to surrender to life. I couldn’t put it down.

So I read his other book:

The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself

WOW. Mind-blown. I tried to savor this one and read it slowly but I couldn’t help myself and plowed through pretty quickly as well. If you’ve gotten tired of the incessant chatter in your head…the endless insanity going on in your brain, then you’ll enjoy this book.

Get them both and devour them.


Life changing.


Life changing.

Alright, now I’m off to plan my next crochet project. I’m thinking something wacky and funky and meditative. 😀 What does that even mean???

We’ll see, I suppose.

Wish me luck as tomorrow I’ll be running the Wanderlust 5 kg (a mindful/meditation/yoga 5 kg kinda thing) with my pal, Gemma. And I’m riding the train there (for the first time!!). We’ll see how that goes!

Onward to more fun and change and growth!