Did you know sock yarn doesn’t count as stash? Or so I hear. 😉

I have these new GORGEOUS sock yarn shades for you to drool over.

EMERALD FOREST (green) and AFRICAN VIOLET (pinkish purples).

purple african violet superwash wool sock yarn


Are they beyond gorg or what?

These two colors would look sensational together as a shawl! OHHH WEEE! The options are endless!

 These sock yarns are so cool because:

•They are slow color-changing. As you knit or crochet, they slowly and subtly change colors. YAY for cool effects!

•They’re a 3-ply, which means SOFT, baby. YEAH! No itchy wool here!

•Merino wool means… SOFT again. Oh, yeah.

•437 whoppin’ hoppin’ yards so you can easily make a pair of sockaroonies.

•Limited Edition… once these sell out, we’re out! Your finished projects will be like rare gems! (Make sure to order enough to finish your project!)

•Fingering weight (so you can make nearly anything: mittens, gloves, hats, scarves, socks, shawls, bags, baby clothes, need I go on?)

•Machine-Washable, sugah! So you can throw your socks or whatever you make in the washer and dryer. I still recommend hand-washing, though, to extend the life of your product.

•Smashingly delicious colors to make your eyes tickle and pop with glee!


I could go on. You get the idea. These are amazing and scrumptious and you’ll just want to hold them and love on them and sleep with them.

It’s okay. You’re not alone.


Just CLICK HERE to go take a look and remember 10% off for 2 or more per shade AND free shipping for US orders of $50 or more.