Free patterns for you today! Who doesn’t love a gorgeous, free pattern? We all do!

I’ve got some knitted ones and some crocheted ones, depending upon your preferred craft. 

Did I design these? No. But I found them online and I hope you LOVE them!

I wanted to share these with you because I’m getting a TON of requests for project ideas using all the new sock yarns I’m getting listed in the shop.

So without further ado, here are some gorgeous free sock yarn patterns (that aren’t socks!).


Metalouse by Stephen West

Is this GORG or what? I want one SOOO bad!

metalouse stephen west sock yarn patterns


Now in a minute by Brenda Dayne

HOLY goodness! So beautiful! I want this too.

now in a minute sock yarn patterns


Wingspan by maylin Tri’Coterie Designs

I shared this one on Facebook a few days ago and everyone loved it! I’ve seen it around the web on various knitting blogs and it’s just so beautiful. You simply must click through to see all of the variations people have made. Breath-taking for sure!

wingspan shawl sock yarn patterns


Now for some crochet sock yarn patterns!

Nancy’s Waves Scarf by Cori Dodds

free crocheted sock yarn pattern


Bohemian Oasis by DROPS

OMG. I. Must. Have. This. It’s beyond ridiculous. Too beautiful for mere words. Drool.

bohemian oasis free crochet afghan pattern


Magic Shawl – Hat with Squares by DROPS

Oh, golly. I really. REALLY. Want this hat and wrap. GOSH. Do you ever get so overwhelmed with all the many pattern options? Sometimes me thinks my brain will explode!

magic shawl hat with squares free crochet pattern


So there you go!

Some stunning knitting and crochet sock yarn patterns that aren’t socks. There are many more. Just use terms like “sock yarn” and “fingering” when searching for patterns and you’ll find loads of them.

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~Yours in yarn-loving-bliss,