I’m giving away another hat box full of yarn!

I enjoyed SOOOO much doing this f-r-e-e hat box full of yarn contest last month, so we’re doin’ it again!

This month’s hat box has a beeeautiful range of blues and greens… it’s got: Wools, Silks, Ribbon yarn, 2 of my HAND SPUN yarns, including cashmere (oohhhh!!).

And guess what else?

There’s MORE!

Also included in the giveaway are these two items from some lovely sponsors:

•The lovely Lindsay from Pen and Paint on etsy (OH MY GOSH, I LOVE HER STUFF!!) has been gracious enough to offer a $30 credit to her shop.

pen and paint etsy shop

I received some of her artwork and nearly fell out of my chair with glee. Even her business cards made my brain feel all tickled and delighted.

Okay, okay, we’re not done.

•The wonderful Ashland Bay Co has so kindly offered some beautiful wool for spinning, felting, thrumming, or what-have-you!

corriedale wool roving

The winner will receive ALL of this stuff! A hat box full of yarn, a $30 shop credit to Pen and Paint and this 8 oz bundle of soft, creamy, delicious roving from Ashland Bay. WOO WOO!


So, HOW TO ENTER:  (You must follow all the steps to be entered!)

1. Type your name and email address here: (If it says you’re already subscribed, then move on to steps 2 and 3)


I hope I win!

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Okay, done that? GOOD! Next:

2. Share this contest on facebook or twitter:

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3. Comment below that you did both Steps 1 and 2 and tell me what you’ll do with this yarn if you win it.


And then you’re entered!

This giveaway is for the month of May 2013, so will be over May 31st, 2013.

So who won the APRIL Giveaway?

Drum roll please!

Drum drum drum

Dani Wiginton! WOO WOO WOO!

Congrats, Dani!!

Thanks to all who participated!

This is too much fun.

As I was winding up these new skeins for May, I was just so content inside, knowing someone special would receive this in her mailbox in about a month… Too fun. Really, I get too much glee out of this.