“Everything flows, nothing stays still.”-Heraclitus

There is something so comforting about things staying the same. What is it? It makes us feel safe and warm and protected somehow. Like everything’s okay. But inevitably, things change and shift and flow. And in truth, that is the way it should be. We wouldn’t want to stop the ebb and flow of life; the endless springs and summers and falls and winters of life, both literally and figuratively.

And I’m learning to throw my hands in the air and embrace whatever may be coming, even though I may not know what that is.

So on the note of change, I’m currently redesigning this blog, my site, biz cards, tags/labels, etc. YAY!

Actually, my sister is. She is a brilliant designer, as you can tell from her sites: Party Ideas Galore, Decorating Ideas Galore, and Baby Shower Ideas Galore.

I’ve been wanting my look and feel for the blog and site to be very zen-like: Calming, pretty, clean, natural. So for a few days, everything will look a little wonky, but I’m working to get it all changed over as soon as I can! (I know, I’m supposed to be on vacation, but this is what I love to do and just can’t help myself).

First, though, I’m shipping about 10 or more huge tubs full of roving, fleece and yarn up to Alaska, for dyeing and listing in the shop. Hurray! I do believe there is nothing more enjoyable than digging through endless mounds of wool. Heaven!

So when I get back, I will begin dyeing up simply scads of gorgeous shades for you! And I will keep you posted about all the progress.

On the knitting note, I’ve begun a basic ribbed hat using some of my wool/alpaca hand spun I’ve been hanging onto for years, unsure what to use it for. I have several skeins of it, but I should be able to use one skein for this hat. I can post the pattern for anyone interested. I’m thoroughly enjoying the 100 degrees difference in temperature (it was 50 below zero in my home town in Alaska yesterday, and 50 above here in Arkansas). I sat outside in the sunshine, on the concrete porch and knitted away happily, sun on my face.

Back home, I go to work in the dark, have no windows to speak of and drive home in the dark. And the sun we do get only pokes up above the horizon. It never gets very high in the sky. So this is absolutely delicious to me.

Now I’m off to dig, dig, dig!

Peace and light!