Time sensitive! Please read right away!

I wonder…What is going on in my brain? I just keep giving yarn away. ๐Ÿ˜€

As you can imagine, owning a yarn shop has its perks. One of those perks is I end up with TONS, scads, OODLES and boodles of various yarns… limited dye runs, colors that are left over if I miscounted inventory, test shades, samples, etc.

And as much as I would personally LOVE to knit and/or crochet them ALL and be super selfish and hoard them in a massive warehouse and sleep in it all and roll around in it and jump on it and sing to it and call it my own… I feel it would be happier with you.


I am giving away some yarn for the next 5 days ONLY!

Place a $40 + order on the siteย today through Saturday (that’s April 30th, 2013 – May 4th, 2013) and add this product to your shopping cart and you will receive a F.R.E.E surprise skein of yarn. I can’t make any promises or guarantee any particular color, but you WILL receive a surprise skein of yarn in your order!

So HOW do you take advantage of this?

1. Go shop on the site and add at least $40 into your shopping cart. ย You know you want those colors you’ve been eyeballing for awhile and have resisted! ย After all, life without yarn is kinda… pointless!

2. Add THIS PRODUCT into your cart as well to receive your surprise skein and VOILA. I will include it for you. I hope you LOVE LOVE LOVE it!


Thank you so much in advance for giving these lonely extra yarns a wonderful, nurturing home to live in! I’m grateful. They’re grateful. You’re grateful. We’re all grateful!

Have a most beautimus and blessed day and know I’m sending lots of lovey doves your way!