Well, hello and howdy do!

We are back from Maui and oh, wow, did we have the time of our lives!! Maui is amazing, the wedding was spectacular and every day was like a dream….

What’s that? Where’s the pictures, you ask?

Oh, just you wait!! I am working on a blog post with TONS of gorgeous photos, in which I’ll give you the whole, delicious scoop!

So I realized, what with the holidays and then our trip, I haven’t been getting much at ALL done for YOU!

So I am back in the groove and rollin’.

SOOO many goodies coming up.

For today, I’ve got 2 new silk lace weight yarns: ECLIPSE and FOREST RAIN

These are limited edition and once sold out, are gone forevah…

Pictures first:

eclipse silk yarn forest rain silk yarn

And a quicky video so you can see the thickness of it…


Also, I’m giving away some gorgeous, sari ribbon yarn! This is AWESOME!!! So many crazy, amazing colors.

Just add it into your shopping cart, add $45 worth of products and checkout. We will include a free, random skein for you (each color is different so we can’t take requests) and you can have your way with it! I think it would make an awesome, quick scarf for a loved one, but do what you will!

Stay tuned for TONS of new stuff.

  • Video tutorials
  • More yarn bases/colors/combos than you can imagine right now…
  • More free goodies, like pens, lip balms, tote bags, etc!
  • More blogging!
  • Etc.

Really, I have so much up my sleeve.

So stay tuned, dear one, and we shall chat soon!

I hope the New Year is treating you well so far! 🙂