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We have a new hat pattern for you! Check out this awesome, free, unisex cabled hat pattern that fits nearly all adults (it’s super stretchy), using just one skein of CashSilk Sock yarn. Introducing the Barristan Beanie.

This pattern is designed for use with skein of our dreamy CashSilk sock yarn in colorway: Still of the Night. Choose any colorway you like, though. You can also substitute any fingering weight yarn you like (our Resilient sock yarn for example), so long as it has at least some stretch.

SIZE: One size fits most adults. Approximately 10″ from folded brim to crown and 18″ circumference at brim, unstretched.

NEEDLES: US size 5 (3.75mm) in 16″ circular, long circular for Magic Loop, and/or DPNs

Notes from the Designer:

•I wanted to knit a slouchy hat that would appeal to both women and men, and that would fit a variety of heads with minimal size adjustment.

•I loved this cable and rib pattern and decided that I could absolutely make a 40-row, 48-stitch repeat work in a fingering weight hat.

•I also love folded brims, so I decided to knit a deep brim and sew it to the inside of the hat to make the brim a little warmer around the ears. The result is a hat that has pretty much everything!

•I love the details, including crown decreases worked into the rib pattern as an interesting bonus.

–I binge watch a lot of random tv shows while I work, and recently I’ve been watching a lot of Game of Thrones. It took me ages to get past season 1, but I’m finally on board. I named this hat after Barristan Selmy, not because I think it’s his style, but because I like his character, and I like alliteration. Barristan Beanie just sounds good. Plus, I like characters with smaller parts. Everyone has a part to play in life, even if it’s not big and exciting. We can’t all be the Mother of Dragons, but even a Queen’s Guard can have a hat named after them.

Designed by Emily Walton

Enjoy your knitting and download the pattern here. XOXO



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