The story behind this colorway…I’ve been spotting these adorable little red berries for weeks now…

I had no idea what they were, but everyday when I drove to my fella’s house, I would see these berries in one of his neighbor’s yard.

mountain ash berries

“I must snap a picture of those!” I thought to myself.

So as it turns out, the perfect opportunity presented itself on Sunday as I was driving by… The setting was perfect. The sky was overcast (good diffused lighting…no direct sunlight) and bright.

No cars were in the driveway. I had my new birthday camera at the ready. The world was still… and I knew it was time!

I pulled into their driveway, jumped out with camera in tow and crouched in front of said tree and began snapping berry pictures.

I wasn’t even sure if anybody lived in the house as I had never seen any cars or life activity there… but as it turned out, two little kids pushed out onto the porch and yelled, “WHADDYA DOIN???”

I responded in a questioning tone, as if I myself wasn’t sure…”TAKING A PICTURE!!…??”

Feeling I had overstayed my welcome (or lack thereof), I jumped back in the car and sped off merrily feeling as gleeful as a greased pig who just escaped a 12 year old’s grubby paws.

There was no question. These berries wanted to be immortalized in yarn. And then in your projects. They told me so. 😉

But the problem arose that I had no idea what they were. Fortunately, Facebook exists! I posted their picture on my personal timeline and boom, somebody knew what they were! Berries of the Mountain Ash tree. Supposedly they even last through the cold and provide much-needed nourishment to the birds come winter. Who knew!

And so, as fate would have it, I just so happened to have some extra time on a Monday (crazy, I know! but miracles do happen) and dyed up some test batches until I finally settled on this:

mountain berries red green wool sock yarn

This colorway is available on both my fingering wt and worsted wt superwash merino wool yarn. It’s a combination of a lovely, clear red and a woodsy, muted green. Where the two intermingle, you’ll get some tans, pinks, softer greens and perhaps a smidgen of burgundy purple in some skeins. Like all our colors, each skein is dyed according to an exact formula and method, but yarn and dyes really have minds of their own, and so each skein is a unique work of art, made just for you.

I hope you enjoy it! I’ve got a few skeins dyed up in each yarn weight, ready for immediate shipment if you’re interested.  If you purchase 2 or more, the cart will automatically take 10% off for you. 😀

Have a beautiful day and know you are beautiful and blessed and All is Well.

mountain ash berries picture

I’m curious,

What inspires you in your knitting and crocheting?

Much love from me…