I’m so happy to finally reveal this new crocheted hat pattern to you! I know you’ve been asking for it and it has been on my TO DO list for weeks!

It all began when I got the idea to make something special for my dear friend, Charis. She’s the star of the YouTube channel, CharismaStar TV and she is one of the most amazing and inspiring people I know.

She’s the type of person who continually shows you how life could be lived, if one has a pure heart, an open mind and a trust in a Source greater than yourself. She truly is a beautiful person and I’m beyond blessed to know her and call her a friend. She’s moving off to L.A. and I wanted to give her a special going-away present.

I may not be able to do a lot of things, but I can knit and crochet. So I decided to design a crocheted hat pattern just for her.

Once you watch a few of her videos (which I highly recommend you do!) you’ll see her nature is spunky, colorful and full of life!

So using my colorway, SPARKLING STAR (which was also inspired by her, by the way), in my worsted weight superwash merino wool yarn, I created this hat…

I introduce to you, the SHINING STAR HAT (nab the pattern on Ravelry), so named after Charis’ declaration that we are all indeed beautiful, shining stars…  Here I am modeling it:

shining star crocheted hat pattern

purple crochet hat pattern

This crocheted hat pattern would be perfect for any adult (or child, if you use thinner yarn and a smaller hook.)

fuschia crocheted hat pattern

It alludes to a star, by having 5 points, which you will see as you work the pattern.

easy hat pattern to crochet

Another thing about Charis is she loves princesses and Disney. As it turns out (totally accidental, really), the hat resembles a crown when worn. I thought that was quite cool indeed!

easy crocheted hat pattern


funky hat pattern to crochet

Like most of my patterns, this hat just emerged as I went along. I usually get a rough idea or concept I’d like (like the star idea) and then just… start… and see what happens. It’s almost like the items make themselves!

sexy crochet hat pattern


crocheted hat pattern


easy crocheted hat pattern


I am happy to say also, that the pattern includes step-by-step picture instructions to get you going. I know starting patterns especially, can be confusing, so I wanted to give you a photo tutorial of exactly what your hat should look like as you go along.

If you have any questions, you can of course email me and I’ll be happy to help!

shining star crocheted hat pattern

My hope is that when you make this hat, you feel amazing and like the superstar you are. We all have a place in this world and all of our paths are different. Which path you are on, whatever road you’ve chosen to take…I hope you give it your all and praise each day you’re on this earth. Life can be beautiful if we accept and love ourselves completely.

I know I’ve been in a place for most of my life, of having very low self-esteem. I’ve felt that others are just better than me in so many ways… that if I could only be perfect… perhaps prettier, or if I had flawless skin and hair and always said the wittiest thing and was the smartest and the whatever, whatever… then I’d be deserving of love…then I’d be okay.  And of course, this is NOT true. I’m learning to come to a place where I realize I am good enough, just the way I am. And until I truly know this and accept it fully, I can’t expect anyone else to think it either.

Whether or not you also deal with debilitating self-worth issues, I hope you KNOW how beautiful you are, inside and out. You are a unique gem, placed on this earth for a purpose and nobody can fulfill that purpose like you can. I pray you learn to completely love yourself and embrace this day for all it’s worth!

sideways purple crocheted hat pattern


Much love from me…



Here is the pattern link: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/shining-star-hat