I cannot help it. I adore working with color. In frustration years ago, of not being able to knit or crochet fast enough to suit my fancy, I took up yarn and wool dyeing.

And it was love at first dip. Ever since, everywhere I look, I see inspiration for yarn colorways. Cinnamon buns in a bakery show case. Frosty, barren trees against a bleak, winter sky. Radiant purple and orange sunsets over the Alaskan horizon. Produce in the grocery store. Swirls of cream in my coffee. I never know what’s going to inspire me next…

I have had the idea for this new “painty” yarn colorway for quite some time now. It literally just popped into my head.

I envisioned a messy palette, splattered with random paint colors. YEEHAW! Sounded glorious and delightful.

So I set about creating this last Friday and it is now live on the site.

paint palette and yarn

It’s got some natural undyed yarn going on in there, plus a rainbow of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and brown. YUM!

I had a pile of paints and an old plastic palette, so the funnest part for me, was mixing up the actual paint colors! I am really excited about this new colorway and I hope you enjoy it. Right now it is available on my LusterSoft fingering wt or worsted wt. Order 2 or more and receive 10% off automatically!

painter's palette for yarn


•Next, I’m hoping to create some fall colorways, based on the changing leaves… Winter has already totally set in here in North Pole, AK, with snow and temperatures already dropping below zero, but my mom and sis sent me a few pics of the lovely autumn trees down their way and I can’t wait to turn them into a yarn colorway!

•Also, I’ve gotten a notion up my sleeve (no pun intended) that I want a pair of red mittens. Thus I’ve dyed up the most gorgeous crimson yarn colorway and will be offering that for sale as well soon. So be on the lookout! WOO! Too exciting.

•OH! Have I mentioned the Pumpkin color I’m wanting to dye up as well? Mmmm Hmmm. I know. I know. It’s too much excitement. You can’t contain yourself. It’s okay.

Have a fabulous day… I will for sure be talking to you soon…


Nab the Painter’s Palette here…