Hello dear fellow yarnies and happy Easter Sunday to ya!

I am up and about and about to tackle my horrendously messy bedroom. I couldn’t find a certain knitting needle size yesterday and so pulled everything off my shelves and out of my cubbies in search for it.

Once the floor was covered in chaos I realized the needles were on my desk the whole time. Silly me.

But I needed to do a good spring cleaning of all my clothes and what-not anyways.

I just cannot function in a messy space! It makes me feel all heber-gebery!

In yarn shop news, I have been dyeing some goodies for you the past few days, based on my inspirations from my recent England trip.

I took some quick teaser photos for you to see.

So far I have a couple colors based on the gorgeous trees I saw there and here is one:

hand painted sock yarn for sale

A lovely purple based on the crown jewels:

purple wool sock yarn

And this GORGEOUS color (so far my favorite) based on the Dover Castle:

england inspired sock yarn

As you can tell, I dyed it in both a regular hand-painted option AND AND AND!!! A gradient. What, you say? Gradient-dyed yarn? Yes, the first picture up at the top of the post is this same colorway.

Oh, yes. I’ve been working on this for months and have finally perfected my method for dyeing gradient yarn in a manner that will allow me to sell it. I will say, I basically paint the color on from one end to the other. It takes time, for sure, but each ball of yarn is then a succulent masterpiece! At least that is what I tell myself. 🙂

So what’s up with the shop and why aren’t there any new products (or really very many products at all) listed there? Well, dear reader, because I tell you. I just haven’t gotten them listed yet. BUT. The countdown is on.

I have two months left (at most) to work my job (as it’s just a temporary position) and then I’m yarn-biz-owner full time. Yes, it’s true. And as it turns out, my true love is going away for the first part of the summer and I will be mostly alone. So I will devote each waking moment to dyeing, listing and other such delights.

Oh! Oh! And another update. I have received my new shipment of a machine-washable glossy 100% wool yarn in a thicker weight than the sock yarn I’ve been offering. So that is super exciting. And I have my eyeballs on some gorgeous luxury yarns and rovings I will hopefully be ordering in soon, like camel, cashmere, SILK! (which I love), and many others. My shop is about to be bursting.

And if you DO want to join in our sock yarn club for this session, ordering will be closed on the 15th of April.

More news: I also have to redesign my website as I’m not totally happy with the design really. I want it to feel more yarn-ish, rather than looking like a floral shop. 🙂

Have a glorious Easter Day! I’m off to clean and all that sort of rot, but will continue to keep you posted. SQUEE!!

Peace & Light