♥ ♥ ♥Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” – Helen Keller
So I’ve made a decision regarding the current products listed in the shop.

1. The current colors will not be continued.
Reason A: Seriously, I have a thing with creativity. I used to own a cosmetic company and although I loved it dearly, I really did not like making the same colors over and over and over, year after year after year. My favorite part was creating new colors. Since this new yarn biz is all about enjoyment and fulfillment and creating fabulous, exciting products for you, I’ve decided to NOT keep the current shades. I’m already bubbling with excitement over the new colors I want to get created for you!
Reason B: I am an efficiency freak. If I feel I can do something more efficiently, I will. And the method I used to dye these colors is not my favorite. (Essentially, I created dye solutions with the 3 primary colors of red, blue and yellow, and also a black and gray. Then each time I dyed a set of 6 skeins, I would measure out the necessary dye from each dye solution using a syringe. It took way too long and wasn’t as pleasant as I feel dyeing should be). So I plan on doing some new techniques, which I’d be happy to share if you’re interested! Let me know and I’ll be sure to do some tutorials for ya!

2. As such, some of the current shades have already sold out, including Lady of the Lake, Glacier Freeze, Butterfly Effect, all the 100% Silk Bliss rovings (will be getting more of that! YUM!), Serene 100% Merino Dream Roving, etc. So if you are eye-balling any particular shade, you will want to snatch it up as it might not be around very much longer.

3. So, I am already planning more shades to be dyed very soon. I am going to a warmer climate for 2 weeks to see family and have my Invisalign braces looked at by my orthodontist (hurray for straight teeth! I love these clear braces!), so the site, my ebay store and etsy store will be closed during that time. I’ll announce it again, but I wanted to mention it now as I have SO much to get done before I leave tomorrow night and might forget. Still haven’t packed. Still haven’t decided on trip knitting! YIKES!
But once I get back I plan on ordering more silk roving and yarn and some new things to delight you, and dyeing, dyeing, dyeing. I’ll begin listing them as I have them ready, rather than listing them all at once after all the dyeing is done, like I did last time. So yay! Very excited. I even think I’ll have some matching skein sets in sport weight for socks (or mittens)!

4. I have recently taken up yoga, doing it mostly at home, but also going to some classes and I LOVE IT! It is already whipping my body into shape, is surprisingly more difficult than I used to think so I get a good workout (but adjustable and doable, regardless of your fitness level), is flat out FUN, has improved my balance considerably, which I realized the other day when putting my boots on one by one, and really helps me to center and calm my mind. So it’s a win, win, win, win, win… many wins. BUT I got a little crazy a few days ago and began doing hand stands with my nieces and nephews, as well as yoga head stand competitions with them. So my wrists are a little sore and I am on a no-knitting phase for a few days, or until my wrists feel better. (I’ve also been typing all day at work, which doesn’t help).

5. The good news is, I have lots of projects ready to show you! So I plan on blogging about them on my trip. And patterns! So stay tuned!

Enjoy your day!