Just a quick reminder that I’m away to warmer weather for a couple of weeks!

As such, I have put my eBay and Etsy stores on vacation mode.

My actual site shop is still live and you can place orders but they won’t be shipped until I return, so Feb 13.

I’m currently in the Dallas airport marveling at several things:

1. That things as heavy as airplanes can actually get off the ground.
2. That every time I marvel at cool technology I wish I could drag someone from 150 years ago and say, “Look!!! We’re going up in the air in this contraption!!” And watch them freak out.
3. That Dallas is so hot! I stripped off my coat and boots and guzzled down a liter of water right away. 68 degrees. Whew. I admit. It’s kinda nice.
4. I got to ride in the elevated outdoor train to my terminal. It was exhilarating. I should get out more.
5. That I can type this blog post all on my iPhone.

And now… An Auntie Anne’s pretzel is calling me. I must eat. And knit!