Business Planning

Welcome, welcome. Grab a cup o’ tea and let’s have a chit chat.

The hubby and I went to Austin over the holidays to plan out Expression Fiber Arts 2016. Yes, we actually planned out the whole year.

We are just a small startup company of course, but we broke everything down into categories: finances, marketing, customer service and operations. And then proceeded to fill in all the blanks.

We procured the most awesomest of hotels (seriously, my fave hotel EVER and I’ve stayed in a lot: W Austin) and proceeded to hole up in the room or by the fire in the […]

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It’s Scary. Do it Anyway.

“I would rather DIE than be doing this,” I thought to myself.

Overdramatic, extremist and hyperbolic as usual.

I was driving to talk to an accountant for my budding yarn business and was petrified.

This was a few years back when I was just getting started.

I needed an accountant. To continue on with my dream of growing my lil’ baby biz, I NEEDED an accountant.

But for whatever insane reason, my mind had created the idea that accountants were mean, old men plopped behind their massive desks, glaring at me through beady, suspicious eyes. Think, Jabba the Hutt.

I was sure I’d be interrogated, ridiculed, […]

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Settling in…

We are moved. We are unpacked. We are settled.

We are first-time home buyers. It’s scary. And exciting. We’re finding all the cool places we love to eat/hang out close to the new house.

I am finally feeling back in the groove of normalcy. For the most part.

Loving all the giant Charlotte trees. They are massive and glorious.

cool houses charlotte north carolina

Caught in the act! Blogging at Barnes and Noble.

chandi agee about town

And as I promised myself, I’m finally getting back into working out. […]

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It’s Time

There are worse things in life than living for a year without a washer and dryer.

In fact, I would dare say, it’s not even been a problem in the slightest.

Other than our small beloved laundromat closing and then having to be the new kids on the block all over again by joining a big, bustling laundromat, it’s been relatively pleasant.

Last Saturday morning was especially beautiful.

Look at that:

charlotte, NC sunrise

We kept marveling at it.

Then we popped over to Lowe’s. Got confused.

Chandi shopping for washers and dryers

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What Moving Looks Like

July has felt like molasses.

Sluggish. Distracted. Trying to focus on work. Having lotsa teensy details to attend to with our move.

A brief rundown:

  • We bought a house.
  • We move in 16 days.
  • We are 90% packed.
  • Except the yarn room, which isn’t packed at all.

expression fiber arts efa yarn room

  • We’re hiring movers. Thank Gawd.
  • Our house is echoing. It’s so empty. Hello? Hello. Hello. Hellooooo…. loooo

empty house moving

black and white photo room with spinning wheel

  • We got rid of […]
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Why We’re Moving… Again.

As you may well know, the hubs and I just moved from Alaska to North Carolina last August.

What a blast. What a hoot. It was a glorious drive down and we are LOVING Charlotte.

It’s a city that feels like a town. Super chill. Plenty to do. Great traffic.


Long story short…

Just moving across town. Lol. Exciting!

Here’s the scoop.

Several things happened in a row that were quite coincidental and serendipitous that led to this decision.

We’ve just been renting the house we’re in now. There’s no way we would have felt comfortable buying a house […]

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A Lovely Knitted Wrap Indeed

Years ago, when I was first learning to knit, I made this lovely wrap for my mom.

It’s a simple and elegant knitting pattern and wonderful as a Mother’s Day gift.

It was easy and comforting to make and it just flowed from my fingers.

I was in a distraught/hopeless/self-loathing/regretful rough patch of my life emotionally and every stitch was just a tiny, soothing act of love.

She adored it, of course.

I’ve long forgotten the yarn I used. It was pre-Expression Fiber Arts days so isn’t any of my mine but was a soft and lumpy bumpy pink, green, white hand-dyed wool. Lovely stuff.

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7 Secrets to Starting a Successful Online Business in the New Year


I’m Chandi and I sell luxury yarn to knitting and crochet enthusiasts around the world.

So why am I writing a post on how to start and operate a successful business in the coming year?

1. I believe it’s incredibly empowering for women (and fellas too!) to have a sense of freedom and control over their finances. When you own your own business, the sky is the limit. All you have to do is figure out how to become more efficient or hire out various tasks and you can take your small enterprise into grander and grander heights.

2. It’s possible. […]

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A Year’s Worth of Knitting

With the year’s end drawing close, I thought it’d be a hoot to look back over all the projects I’ve completed this year and put up a list for you, complete with links.

If you missed the crochet version, well, you can just open up that page and check that out here.

But this page is all about the knitting.

I sometimes feel like a weirdo, but I love both knitting and crocheting equally. They’re good for different things.

Personally, I crochet when I’m in the mood for: Speed (like blankets, rugs), structure (like a hat with a brim or that isn’t […]

A Year’s Worth of Crocheting

We often buzz through life so quickly that we fail to appreciate all the things we’ve accomplished and become.

I was a bit blue the other day when I realized just what a tremendous year I’ve had. I’d love to give you a quick sum of my crochet projects here. I’ll be doing a knitted version and more soon too.

I’m so inspired now to plan out next year!

I’ll link over to everything, in case you want to check anything out further. Most items have tutorials for you to follow along.

(Also, some projects didn’t make the cut. Either I didn’t take pictures […]