What is today, what makes it special and why am I writing on this day?

It’s not New Year’s, is it? You know, when everybody starts new stuff and is all excited for the freshness of it all. Out with the old. In with the new. Nope.

Is it November 1st when people usually start their “things I’m grateful for” lists? Lemme check. Nope.

Is it my birthday? Nada. Already passed.

So what’s today?

Nothing special. Except it’s EVERYTHING.

Today is all I have. And all I will ever have.

You will never feel ready for that thing you want to do. And one thing I want to do… is write. More.

I love the feeling of writing, of having a voice. It’s important for women to understand no matter how you’ve been belittled in life or told you shouldn’t argue back or felt like you had to keep quiet to keep the peace…

Bah humbug on that.

Speak out. You have just as much right as anyone.

You have a voice. Use it for what you will.

Start a blog if you want. Start a twitter account. Write a book. Start a journal. Learn new things. Listen to others’ stories. Be inspired. Take a walk. Soak up life.

You might say some things you later regret. Good. Learn from it.

People might disagree with you. Good. Listen and learn.. or ignore. It depends on the person and what was said.

But you’ll also say some really awesome things. You’ll grow. You’ll learn. You’ll gain confidence. You’ll see things about yourself you might have passed over before. You’ll gain clarity on certain issues. It’ll help you heal.

Try it.

That is all for today.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more tidbits.