I’m usually a pretty quiet person, especially when meeting new people.

But if you start talking about business, I light up like a glowworm and won’t shut up.

It’s a fascinating subject and something I live and breathe daily. I’ve been running online businesses since I was 21-22.

For anybody wanting to start an online business, here is a tip:

You Don’t Have to Invent the Wheel (it’s already been invented. Hurray!)

Everytime we (the hubby and I) tell people what we do for a living, it 99.99% of the time goes like this:

Some person: What do you guys do for a living?

Us: We sell yarn.

Some person: ??? *blank stare. You do what?

Us: We sell yarn. You know. For knitters and crocheters. Luxury fibers, like merino wool. Silk. Cashmere. Yak. Etc.

Some person: Ya, my gramma used to knit blankets and stuff… *more blank stares as they rack their brain for something, anything to say.

And then… wait for it… wait for it…

“One of these days I’m going to come up with something brilliant. I’m going to invent something and start a business!”

And then I’m dumbfounded for a few seconds. You don’t have to create something new to start a business. You can. But that’s the hard way. Then you have the arduous task of convincing people why they need this newfangled thing.

Definitely go that route if you have a mind to.

But you don’t have to.

The easier route is to offer something that people are already wanting and buying.

“Like what?” you ask.

Well, what do people buy that you can offer?

Food. Socks. Plants. Words (books/courses). Coffee mugs. Scarves. Decor. Woodworking supplies. Tables. Phone apps. Blankets.

I could go on without end.

But it’s much easier to offer something that is already wanted/needed, than to create a brand new thing and convince people they want it.

Once you find that thing, put a bit of a twist on it. Your own spin. Ta da!

That is all for today.

If you want more business tips, do let me know because I will write a book on it. I mean… I will write a shiz ton of info and then keep going and then keep going.

Enjoy your day! I’m off to make white turkey chili. We finally had to turn the heat on this morning and so this calls for chili to warm our souls.

Buh-bye now.