Well, hello there!

I’m so glad you popped in for a visit.

You may have forgotten something really, really important. I forget it sometimes. We all do.

Have you ever felt directionless? Blah? Not sure where your life is going to go from this point?

Which road should you take? How do you know where to jump and when to keep your feet planted?

Are you even needed on this planet? Do you have a gift you can offer the world?

Are you worth anything? Do you even matter?

Have you seen all the successful people online and thought… “Wow. What am I doing wrong? They have a perfect life! Look at those toned thighs! And she just made $1 million on her YouTube channel? Oh, wow her boyfriend is soooo sweeet to her!! And now she’s traveling to the Bahamas. Okay. Back to bed. I’m tired and I obviously live a boring and lame life.”


I think most of us have similar thoughts on occasion.

And maybe even… hopefully rarely…you have times where you just aren’t sure why you should get up that morning.

Maybe it feels like you’re on the hamster wheel of life. Day in. Day out. Boredom. Worry. Lack of time and money and freedom and joy. Doesn’t it seem like others are having all the fun while you’re stuck there… doing that?

chandi expression fiber arts

Well, here’s a big fat juicy secret. Shhhhh…. You’re not alone.

You are not alone in that, my friend.

I am one of the worst comparers there is.

chandi expression fiber arts

I grew up with the mentality that I had to BE the best. At basically… everything.

So. When I saw someone knitting faster than me, I had to speed up. I had to knit ALL the things. Immediately.

When I saw someone blogging more wittily than me, I had to research how to be more witty.

chandi expression fiber arts

Oh that person makes more money? Bahaha. I’ll show them. I will work harder and grow bigger and faster. Until nap time, of course.

chandi expression fiber arts

Someone who is skinnier? Let me starve myself and workout for hours on end! Well. Maybe one hour and then I get pretty tired. Cue another nap. Oh and I’m hungry now too. Ice cream! I’m convinced ice cream solves most of life’s problems.

chandi working out yarn business

chandi expression fiber arts

chandi expression fiber arts

Why have one when you can have two?

chandi expression fiber arts

chandi expression fiber arts

chandi expression fiber arts

It got to the point where I immediately would size someone up and determine how they were “better” than me and then proceed to outdo them.

OH MY LANDS. It sounds absurd. But I didn’t even notice it. It was so ingrained in me!

Lately, though… lately…

I’ve been resting.

I’ve been cultivating MY idea of success.

Working on my terms. Keeping the business at a level I feel comfortable with, while still allowing it to grow.

For now, still working out of my home. Cue garage photos:

chandi yarn business expression fiber arts

chandi yarn business expression fiber arts

I’ve been appreciating all the beautiful and wonderful contributions that others bring to the world and enjoying the benefits! You started a business? YESSSSS. Let me buy something from you!

You wrote a book? Hallelujah. I want to read it! Thank you, thank you.

You can cut and color and style hair amazingly? I’m booking my appointment right now.

You’re kind and loving and charming towards others? Let me be inspired by your goodness.

It’s time to lift up those around us, not tear them down so we feel better about ourselves.

YOU are amazing.

And SHE over there is amazing.

And HE is fabulous.

And I am wonderful.

And LIFE is a gorgeous… GORGEOUS work of art, with all of us flowing through it beautifully and uniquely.

Thank goodness we all have our gifts.

But What If I Don’t Know My Gift?

I know. I know. You might be thinking… “Chandi, that is all well and good, but I don’t really know what my gift is.”

Oh you have one, dear one. MANY!

Several things.

  1. You are LOVE… pure love… wrapped in human form. At your core, you’re love.
  2. Sometimes you’ll forget that. But it doesn’t make it any less true.
  3. When you come from that place… in those moments when you know your worth, and you feel your truth… and your heart BURSTS with meaning… that’s when you know your gift. That’s when you lean in and take a peek and maybe… maybe… take that leap into new growth.
  4. You don’t have to know how. You don’t have to figure it all out, darling one. Just move in the direction of your heart.

What in the heck am I even talking about, you ask?

I don’t mean just do what feels good. No. Not that surface feeling.

If that were the route, I’d be sitting on the couch, devouring an entire pan of brownies right now. And then of course, taking a good long nap.

I still might do the nap part.

No. It’s that surging from within.

I went to England once with my nieces and sis-in-law.

We drove to the Dover Castle and walked out onto the pathway leading up to it.

The sun was bold and strong on my skin. The wind was biting and fierce. The combination of tingling elements and the wonder of the castle just astounded me.

And then standing on top of the castle, looking out over the green fields, I remember so clearly… one of the most moving moments of my life.

“I can do anything. I can create a castle if I want. If I really wanted to, I could go home and brick by brick build a castle. My life does have meaning and my dreams are attainable.”

It was an overwhelming feeling of being alive. 

THAT feeling hasn’t failed me yet.

That KNOWING has lead me to leave unhealthy relationships and move onto loving myself.

That knowing allowed me to start this business and blindly continue to try and make it work, even when it wasn’t. Even when I was working around the clock and it was barely paying the bills. Even when I had a full time job offer. I turned it down. No, I had, had, had to do this. This was it.

I didn’t know why. I just knew I had to try.

If you have even that trickle of desire for something, what is holding you back?

I’m not saying sell the house and give up everything you’ve got. Nope. Unless you want to.

Hey, my motto is:

Live and let live.

For real.

Do whatever you want. Don’t listen to me or anybody else!!


Follow that dream! (Or don’t! Cuz you can do what you want.)

You have SOOOO much to give to the world.

Just because you don’t see it right now doesn’t mean it’s not true.

You’ve just forgotten.

But tomorrow… or someday… you’ll remember who you are.

You’re a genius. You’re a radiant goddess. Your love fills the earth with warmth and joy and beauty and love.

Your smile floods others with happiness.

Live your life. DO your thing.

Eat of the goodness of life and give unto others with a whole heart!

Live out loud, as they say.

Or quietly and thoughtfully (hello, introverts).

But do you.

I’m thanking you in advance for it.


Please, and I mean it… please comment below with what you love to do.

Do you offer your wares online? Post a link so we can all come and see.

Have a blog? Post a link.

Love to write? Write us something.

Love to draw or knit or ride horseback or make candles or snuggle your dog? Write that down. You’ll bring us joy by telling us your story.

You’re needed in the world and you’re here for a reason. And when you forget that, you have only to stop and breathe and realize… you’re still alive. You’re still here. Your work, therefore, isn’t finished.


Sending loads and oodles and boodles of love to you…