I realized I haven’t been keeping you updated on the wedding plans!

It’s less than 2 months to the big day!

It’ll be in Maui (yes, we’re getting Maui’ed in Maui!) and I hired a wedding coordinator to take care of everything, including the photography, etc.

Anna Kim will be our photographer. Her stuff is amazing! I’m so excited for her to be taking our photos!

We’ll just be on the beach, us two, with the sunset behind us. At least, that’s how I envision it!

And about my dress!


I cannot even begin to you what I’ve been through with dresses!!

I’ll try to relay the mind-blowing craziness of it all.

Well, I was originally going to go with a simple white dress, but then I figured, why not go all out and get the dress I REALLY want?

Yes, that is what I should do, I decided.

So I searched and found this gorgeous Maggie Sottero dress and decided it was the one and I MUST have it. (the photo above)

Well, turns out, it takes 4 to 6 months to get a designer dress shipped to you. What?!? Who knew!! I sure didn’t.

As I couldn’t find a used one in my size, I kept looking online, but couldn’t find anything that really hit me.

So I flew down south and went wedding-dress-scouting with my mommie, sis and niece.

Every place was terrible! Unfriendly, and no dresses I would even have.

Until… I stepped into David’s Bridal and we all breathed a sigh of relief and just KNEW… we would find a dress here! No question! I KNEW it with everything that was within me!

Without even having an appointment, they whisked me off to a dressing room, put me in a slip and shoes and proceeded to try dresses on me. It was GLORIOUS! So much fun.

The last dress I tried on, I decided was mine. It was NOTHING like the Maggie ball gown dress I originally wanted, but nevertheless, I just KNEW this was the dress for me and I bought it, along with 2 SUPER long, sparkled veils, shoes, all the jewelry, preservation kit, etc…That night, I went for my fitting at the seamstress and was so happy I had it all DONE! (I am not a shopper and my main objective was to get it done quickly and efficiently. 🙂  )

It was this beautiful, Chantilly Lace (my nickname!) Oleg Cassini dress… we had it altered to not have any shoulders and it’s a champagne color, with ivory underneath… a bit different than this photo, but this gives you an idea.

oleg cassini chantilly lace off the shoulder wedding dress


I lugged all of it home on the plane (It was HUGGEEE… I was surprised they let me on the plane with it all!).

When I got back home I sunk into a funk when I realized … I wanted a BALL GOWN style, not what I’d gotten. UGH.

I was so confused. I didn’t know what to do. I realized I still actually wanted the Maggie dress!

I seriously agonized for about a week. I knew it was such a silly issue to bog me down, when there are MUCH greater problems in the world. But I couldn’t seem to shake it…

Finally, I thought I’d have one last look online…

As fate would have it, I googled that Maggie dress again and lo and behold, found one online IN my size, AND height, AND color, $600 cheaper than the listed price of almost $1800. Hmmm…

About an hour later, I bought it. BAHAHAHA!

So the Maggie dress has arrived and of course I tore open the box and tried the dress on immediately!

It was originally a size 2 (which is what I need) but was sized down to a 0.

So now… I am on project WEDDING SHREDDING. I have to lose about 5 pounds in about 6 weeks.

More on that in my next post…

WHEHEHEHEHWWWWW. I’ll have to sell the Oleg dress, but that’ll all happen later. Sigh…. Back to knitting something…I’ve finished a couple projects which I’ll tell you about soon as well…

knitting cowl boot toppers progress

Have a good one and we’ll chat soon!