I just love announcing new things!

I’ve got some delicious silk yarns for you!

These are both 3-ply, lace weight pure spun SILK yarn (yum!): 100g, 800 yds each. Lots of yardage for a beautiful shawl or what-have-you!

TEAL SKY is the one you see above (isn’t it rich and bold?) and this one is called Rumpelstiltskin (had to look up the spelling on that!) Here’s the link!

golden silk lace yarn


I announced on Facebook Saturday morning that I had some Recycled Sari Silk yarn and it sold out already! Eek! But here is the photo and the link and if you’re interested, not to worry. I have ordered more and it should be arriving within a week or two! Hurray!


recycled sari silk yarn


Enjoy your evening/day/week! I hope you like the new silk products. I have even more I’ll be getting listed soon!


Much love from me…