How To Save Big on Crafting Supplies


I’m going to give you some tips today on how to save big on crafting supplies and womanly things (fashion, accessories, etc).


So, I’m on vacation in Arkansas, with my beautiful ma, pa and sis. (By the way, if you are into shabby chic decorating, throwing parties or need to give a baby shower, click any of those links to be taken to my sis’s glorious sites about each topic. She really is amazing with all of that and blows my mind daily with her genius ideas).


We have been on a mission to scout out vintage crocheted pieces (doilies, curtains, placemats, whatever) to create her daughter’s wedding dress. A little adventurous, I know, but it’s happening. So far, it’s pretty stunning, but I can say that because she’s basically done it all. 🙂 I can’t show actual pictures until after the wedding which is in October. Anyhoo…


As we were shopping about, we found some of the greatest crafting stuff!

So I thought I’d share our findings with you in hopes to give you our tips and make your life easier.

To get right to the “knitty gritty:”

(Hope I’m not trademark infringing there!)

HOW TO SAVE BIG on crafting supplies (and fashion too!)

  • Yard sales: If you go to yard sales specifically to look for crafting supplies you can score BIG. If you’re like me and do other crafts than just the fiber arts, you need lots of craft supplies!
  • Paints, ribbons, FRAMES that can be repainted, mirrors, old dishes to crush and make into mosaics, tupperware tubs to store supplies in, old cans and canisters that you can knit a cozy for and store colored pencils in, etc.
  • I bought this STUNNING 3-piece set of vintage luggage for $5 total (the ones in the picture above). The smallest bag is IDEAL for using as my tote to hold my computer and knitting supplies to carry in my car in case I need those things. Perfect! Gray, mustard, brown and orange are my fav colors today. Tomorrow, who knows. HA!!
  • And fashion-wise, look for old lady blouses that you can run a seam up the side, cut out the sleeves, hem the arm holes and voila. A perfect, sexy blouse that you can tuck the front into jeans, pop on a cute belt, some sandals and you look like a million bucks.
  • I’ve also found scads of knitting needles, crochet hooks, yarn, and other similar items for next to nothing. Oh, and stamps, ink pads, paper, burlap, and more.


  • Used stores: Your local Goodwill or Salvation Army, or alternative is an excellent source for clothes that can be reworked or worn as-is, and definitely for crafting supplies!
  • I got this amazing and warm (which will be needed come this winter) Banana Republic blazer in brown and gold (BRAND NEW WITH TAGS!) for $20, originally $149.99. I will have to take the sides in by opening up the lining, sewing up the sides and hand-sewing the lining back. But even if I took it to a tailor to do this, it’s cheaper than buying it full price.
  • 20120722-211543.jpg
  • And the craft supplies…You can find yarn out the ying-yang if you don’t mind acrylic. Wool shows up sometimes too. I prefer wool almost exclusively over acrylic. But they each have their benefit.
  • And crafting books, patterns sometimes, and again tubs, bins, organizers… you can buy old wool sweaters and cut out mitten shapes, sew them up, add a fleece lining and voila. Warm, woolen mittens in an hour or so.


So during the warmer months of the year, it’s so fun to hit yard sales and even in winter, you can always scour used stores for cheap supplies.

With this approach (as opposed to starting a craft and then heading to the nearest Hobby Lobby or Joann’s for your needed supplies), you will have to have the room to stock these things.

I like to have my crafting area set up with all the basic supplies. You never know when you’ll need a piece of ribbon, a dab of paint, a darning needle, etc.

Do you love thrifting for clothes and crafts too? Do you have other tips for saving money on crafting supplies?

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Have a beautiful day!