So! I’ve decided to begin dyeing self-striping yarn. This is my Juicy Bounce Sock Yarn.

I used a warping board to wind a huge skein, but you can wrap your yarn around your kitchen  chairs, parking meters or anything far apart.

So essentially you create a huge skein, use LOTS of figure-8 ties so it doesn’t get tangled and then place it in the dye.

I used 3 colors: Evergreen, Raspberry and Rust from Country Classics dyes I had left from years ago, for my personal dyeing. I am switching to a different dye company for my for-sale items, but I wanted to just test this self-striping technique.

I dunked a small part of the middle section into the rust, one end into the Raspberry and one end into the Evergreen.

It is currently drying, so once it’s all done, I’ll get some pictures, and maybe even knit this up on my knitting machine to see how the stripes turn out. SO EXCITING!!!  More soon!!!

“Do what you love and the rest will come” – Me

Peace, joy and love!!
♥ ♥ ♥