My loves, this new Roads Not Taken Crochet Shawl Pattern is simply dreamy. When I first layed eyes on the final piece, I about jumped with glee. Based on the poem by Robert Frost, of course! Who doesn’t LOVE that inspirational work?

It really seems like half a blanket and the wearing options are endless.

You will feel so cuddled. So draped. So cozy. It makes a great shawl-turned-into-lap-blanket-when-you-get-cold-in-the-air-conditioning. HAHA!!

This was designed by Kristina Smiley of Kristina Smiley Designs and you can see all the details and download it here. She really poured tons of love into this beauty, even while being sick with the flu, poor dear!

I truly hope you LOVE it. She gives such exquisite, complete instructions.

Remember, you are precious, loved and needed and this day is a GIFT to be opened, devoured, created, loved. Let’s DO IT!