Hey, lovely! Are you ready to learn how to crochet a puff stitch?

Look no further. It’s rather simple as you can see and it makes for some really fun patterns.

I’ll hush for a minute so you can watch the video tutorial now.


I like to refer to this as a double crochet puff stitch… you can pull the loops up higher to the height of a triple crochet and then you’ll have a triple crochet puff stitch!

This stitch can be worked with any yarn and hook combination you love!

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I hope you enjoyyyyed this video and that it adds a wonderful, fun stitch to your crochet repertoire.

Remember, you are capable of more than you know! You are loved, needed and your purpose is unfolding even THIS DAY!! Take heart and go out and live your best self today!

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If you are interested in what type of yarn this is, it’s our Dewy Dk yarn base… Colorway is Maple Fog, but we have thousands of shades that come and go with new ones appearing frequently, so choose any color you love.

And for those who will ask, the sweater is store-bought and I don’t have a pattern for it. Blasphemy! lol… XOXO

Bye now!


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