As you may well know, the hubs and I just moved from Alaska to North Carolina last August.

What a blast. What a hoot. It was a glorious drive down and we are LOVING Charlotte.

It’s a city that feels like a town. Super chill. Plenty to do. Great traffic.


Long story short…

Just moving across town. Lol. Exciting!

Here’s the scoop.

Several things happened in a row that were quite coincidental and serendipitous that led to this decision.

We’ve just been renting the house we’re in now. There’s no way we would have felt comfortable buying a house without knowing the area or if we even wanted to stay here long term.

We had planned on ALWAYS renting. I mean… it’s so easy. You just send in your monthly rent, keep it clean, and you’re good to go.

We had no intentions of buying.

And then…We had a random conversation one day and realized it was time.

We made a decision.

We wanted to buy a house. We both agreed.Β We were ready.

We looked on for a few days, found some houses we liked and took off driving around town.

DAY 1: We found it.


modern style house charlotte north carolina

We knew we wanted that house. No question. It was modern. Clean. Pristine. Brand new. All gray and white interior. And virtually no HOA fees. Hallelujah!

Long story short, 6 weeks later we had closed and were first-time homeowners.

modern style house charlotte north carolina

It was a bit of a whirlwind.

We listed most of our furniture on Craigslist at a deep discount and it sold lickety split. Boom, bada bing. And met the coolest, sweetest people in the process.

And soΒ we are finishing out our lease at our current place, packing one room at a time, and will begin the actual moving process mid-August.

I won’t deny I had a few sleepless nights due to the realization that we now have a delight called a mortgage… for the next 30 years. Egads. Let’s not think about it, shall we? πŸ˜‰

modern style house charlotte north carolina

Here I am just hanging out in my new craft/work room. The furniture is the staging furniture, not ours, but it’s just gorgeous.

modern style house charlotte north carolina

We will be downsizing quite a bit and my new crafty space will be about 10″ x 10.” But the ceilings are enormously high so it feels big.

Did I mention we are excited?

modern style house charlotte north carolina

You probably won’t even notice much of a difference as we’ll still be listing yarn and shipping during the move. There might be a day or two where things come to a halt, but I’ll keep you posted via email.

modern style house charlotte north carolina

modern style house charlotte north carolina

So if you have any brilliant packing tips or just simple helpful tricks you can give me, please do.

When we moved from Alaska, we gave everything away and came down with only the essentials.

This time is different. We have furniture. We have a boat load of yarn. Oh my word. I should show you the many boxes. We have mattresses, clothes, etc… goodness.

And this move won’t be the last. I grew up with a builder for a papa, so we built and moved a lot and I loved it.

But for the next several years… we’ll beΒ home.

I shall keep you posted, but wanted to fill you in real quick on the news.

Buh-bye now!