What’s a hug for your head? This hat right here. At least, that’s what it feels like.

I wanted to design a knitted hat pattern that was ultra-comfy. COZY. Soft. Buttery-like. Ooodles and boodles of softness piled on your head.

Wear it when you jump in the car on a chilly Saturday morning to run grab some milk from the grocery store so you can make breakfast for the family.

Pop it on when you’re having a bad hair day.

Wear it to a family or church bonfire and roast some smores. (Or is it toast smores? I’m not sure).

Chilly in your house? Not to worry. Snuggle up in your favorite socks, grab some hot coffee to sip on, and slip this lil’ snuggly hat on your head. Well, pants and a shirt would help too. 😉

Enough said. You get it. It’s comfy. I plan on wearing it this fall and winter. A lot.

PATTERN: A Hug for Your Head Hat (knitted)
RAVELRY: When you make this, add your project here so others can take note and be inspired.
YARN: 2 skeins of my Great Grey Owl Lambswool hand-spun aran weight. Or you could substitute the Natural Chocolate yak-down hand-spun aran weight if you like. It’s incredible.
NEEDLES: Size US 9 (5.5 mm) I used the magic loop method but you can use DPN’s if you like.

easy knitted hat pattern hug

Yep, that’s me right there. Looking pensive.

hug for your head hat pattern
The pattern has subtle cables that run down the edge of the eyelets (yarn overs).

chandi knitted hat pattern

And a cool swirl effect around the brim that reminds me of the icing on a cupcake. Nom nom nom.

knit hat pattern

online knitted hat pattern

hat patterns to knit

It creates a cool swirl effect in the back.

hat patterns i can knit
This will fit nearly all adults. You can cinch it up around the brim as explained in the pattern if you want it a bit tighter. Smiling me:

how to knit a hat

Don’t you just love comfort things?

Have fun with it! I’ll be blogging again soon with info about my next project in the works and how we’re settling into our new city! We’ve been working quite a bit, exploring some… I started a pottery wheel class! All this sunshine is amazing. We’ve found lots of parks and great places to eat. Traffic isn’t bad at all. Charlotte’s a great city and I have no regrets of moving here! It just feels right.

Thanks for everything.