Well, hellllo.

I am thrilled, delighted and tickled pink that you’re here right now.

I have the coolest thing to show you. How to take your favorite hand-painted yarn and create this awesome self-striping infinity scarf/cowl. It couldn’t be easier.

If you’ve ever used hand-painted yarns before, or even if you haven’t, you might know that the colors are usually dyed in short bursts.

So you get a mottled, variegated look when using them. Usually. But not today!!! Today we’re going to coax those colors to line up and create stripes! Are you excited yet?

I show you how in the video, along with one of the beautiful parks we found here in Charlotte.. oh la la! Nature is so spectacular.


Instructions: Grab a size G hook and some hand-painted lace weight yarn. I’m using 1 skein of my limited edition Bohemian Tapestry silk lace yarn. I haven’t finished it yet but I show you my progress to give you an idea.

As explained, pull out a few yards of your yarn and see how the colors repeat. Chain until you have several full color repeats. So if your skein is dyed purple, pink, blue, yellow, then that’s one full color repeat. Chain until the cowl/scarf is a good length to wrap around your neck and that it hangs to where you like. I chained 185 for 3 full color repeats. Then MAKE SURE to not twist your chain. Get that long chain all straightened out so you don’t end up with a crazy twisted cowl, and slip stitch to the first chain.

The Secret:  Now. Chain until you reach the next color change (so when your purple starts to fade to pink) and then slip stitch into one of the chains in the round below where the purple meets the pink. No need to count. Just eye ball it. Chain again until the next color shift. So when your pink shifts into blue. Then slip stitch into the round below where the pink shifts into the blue. Again, just eye ball it. If it bothers you not to count and have everything perfect, then feel free. And do this. Over and over. Round and round. In a big spiral. Until your scarf is as wide as you like it.

My scarf is already getting pretty wide and I’ve barely used any of the skein. Hurray for lace weight! Don’t be afraid of it! Lace weight is thin and awesome. You get tons of yardage and it’s no more difficult to work with than thicker yarns. You can create thinner fabrics, and thus a lot more out of one skein. I always loved lace weight even as a little girl. You can use tiny needles and hooks or just bigger ones and get a loopier look! Or hold the yarn double for more of a fingering/sock weight yarn. Lots of options and nothing to be afraid of. Try it!

But if you like, you can use this technique with any thickness of hand-painted yarn and it will work. I can’t wait to see your projects!

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So thanks! I appreciate it immensely.

Have a splendid day! Chandi