My fella asked for a hat. It’s only the second time he’s asked for a knitted item in all these years he’s watched me knit and crochet on a near-daily basis.

How do I refuse that face? I was thrilled, of course.

He loved the color and feel of our new Pearl Taupe yak-silk sport weight yarn (I say, WE, because we work together) and so I set about attempting to create a hat pattern.

After sharing hints of it a few times on ze Facebooooook and getting so many requests for the pattern, I just wrote it down for you!

It’s easy enough for even a beginner to knit it or a first time cabler. Cables are not difficult. Just new. Try them! You might love them. I do.

Pattern: Man-Approved Cabled Hat Pattern
Ravelry: Add your projects here when you make this!
Yarn: 2 skeins of Pearl Taupe Yak Silk sport weight (if substituting another sport weight yarn, just make sure it’s stretchy…so wool, for example, would be a great choice.

cable knitted hat pattern for men

He’s already worn it. I have to say, the weather here in our new city (Charlotte area) is absolutely delicious. It’s 82 degrees in late October? Have I died and gone to heaven? What is happening here? Perfect weather, I say. Crisp and cool and crunchy (?) in the mornings. Great for hat-wearing. Warm and balmy in the afternoons. Perfect for park visits.
mens cable knit hat pattern cable knit hat pattern cable knitted hat pattern cabled knit hat patternWell, there you have it. I adore it. Tim thinks it’s great and plans on wearing the tail off of it.

And I hope you love it too! I always say that, but I mean it. I always, truly hope that all these yarns and projects and patterns DO inspire you at least in some small way. Inspire you to knit more. Crochet more. Fall in love with the fiber arts all over again every day. 🙂

I’ll hush so you can get back to your knittin’. Enjoy your day. I have more news soon… another project to share with you!