5,000 miles driven.

3,478 laughs.

87 Reese’s cups.

70 episodes of Friends watched on my iPad.

58 gorgeous sunrises/sunsets.

52 new family members met at a reunion.

29 homeless days.

14 US states.

4 Canadian Provinces.

2 precious angels born: Grayson Roy and Bailey Rae (my great-nephew and great-niece) back in Fairbanks, AK. Awwww…….


1 beautiful new home in North Carolina.

beautiful new home

1 messy craft room.

craft room

1 accidental hair dye job in a hotel (turned nearly black instead of medium brown). No worries. It’s softened from when I took this picture:

dye job

3/4 of a sweater knitted.

ink sweater knitting

1/2 of a work room (can’t show you the other half… full of our club yarns!)

yarn organization ideas


And things that can’t be quantified:

Endless love. Undying hope.


Finding balance.

Emotions up. Emotions down. Emotions all around.

Mystery. Suspense. Relief.

And so much more.

Yes, we made it! All the way down from Fairbanks, Alaska to Charlotte, North Carolina. Whew. The move is complete. We’re busy decorating the house, restocking our shop, scouting out our new city, reveling in the simple delights of plastic utensils, a broom and sanity.

Several new items we love:

•Ninja Ultima Blender. Works like a charm for green smoothies, shaved ice, you name it.

•Shark Rocket Vacuum: Get one and get one now. $159 at Walmart. Amazon.com has them too. Light-weight, does hardwoods and carpets, and you pop the bottom off to lift the hose up to the ceiling… stairs are a breeze. It basically steers and pulls itself. I cleaned all 3,700 sq ft of our house in about 30 minutes with it. In love.

•Overstock.com for furniture. Free shipping? OMG!! We just ordered our bed.


You know what’s next…

An irreverent amount of yarn is coming soon.

Brand new colors. Brand new yarn bases. Roving/fiber.

More YouTube video tutorials.

More, more, more.

All is well! Stay tuned; oh Lordy, stay tuned!