We leave this week for North Carolina! Woopeee!!!

We have been B.U.S.Y the past few weeks.

Listing all remaining yarn we had, prepping/announcing/shipping the August club, cleaning, cleaning some more, packing, repacking, working out (trying to lose weight for the trip) and such. Appreciating all the wonderful things about Alaska like the radiant sunrises and sunsets.

Our house is empty:

moving from alaska to north carolina

It. Has. Been. GLORIOUS! Apparently I love packing! Who knew!

All dishes/food/utensils have been given away so we’ve been getting creative with our meals. Microwaved broccoli in paper cups, anyone?

microwaved broccoli

We had a few kinks fun moments. We originally intended to rent a Uhaul trailer. Finally got on to order one. WOOPS! They were OUT. If you’re in the States, it’s no big deal, but when you’re the only city for hundreds of miles, when Uhaul is out of trailers, you’re up a creek!

So we went back through all our packed stuff, reduced evenย more and shipped it all to my parents in Arkansas. We’ll pick it up there and rent a Uhaul to take it into ย Charlotte. YAY! We didn’t want to haul a trailer all the way down anyways, so we’re tickled pink.

Other strange occurences: someone hit our car and drove off (bless his soul… what a goober) and someone stole our bike (joke’s on them! We were giving it away anyways. HA!!)

But everything else has gone super smoothly and perfectly. We’ve sold the few big items we had (my drum carder, Tim’s car and keyboard), etc, and then gave everything else away to family and friends and Value Village.

LOVE IT! I never want to buy anything else again! Freedom! Yipppee!!

Good-bye Stuff. Go bless someone else for awhile. We are light and free and ready to hit the road.

Tomorrow we’ll ship all remaining orders (can you believe the site is empty?? CRAZY!!!) and take care of odds n ends and then we drive out soon.

We were planning on Thursday but might leave earlier since we are ahead of schedule. We shall see!

The main worry is, will I have enough knitting and crocheting to keep me busy for the trip?

Panic mode!

I have planned:

1. A stealth baby item I can’t show you. (For my niece, not me)

2. A sweater I “designed” using Amy Herzog’s CustomFit program. LOVE IT!! Using my INK (navy) colorway in merino/cashmere/nylon fingering weight yarn and size 7 needles.

friends show and knitting

3. Some type of crocheted or hairpin lace shawl using my prototype of the ADRIFT (teal in the photo above) colorway, on a tester merino/silk fingering yarn from a new factory.

4. Hermione’s Everyday Socks using my Lavender Ice Cream in merino/silk sock yarn. Almost done, though. Ah! Panic! You might notice they look a bit different from the pattern. I am doing plain stockinette stitch on the foot instead of continuing the pattern. I liked how this yarn was striping and wanted to preserve that look.

hermione's everyday socks on ravelry

I had to rip out the toe TWICE and reknit it because it was feeling funny when I put it on. And if it feels funny, I won’t wear them. Better to redo than not use. Finally got them looking and feeling good and moved onto the second sock:

hermione's everyday socks knitting pattern on Ravelry

5. Rock Island Shawl using a custom color I dyed for this project:

rock island shawl jared flood

6. Oh, I already finished this baby hat for my grand-niece Bailey who will arrive in September, and forgot to show you:

crocheted baby hat


I wish I could give you the pattern cuz it’s so cute, but I just made it up as I went.

Oh no. Is that it? Is that all I’ve planned? And I’ve sold all my yarn. AHHH!!

If you see a frenzied little brunette running around Canada later in the week, wild-eyed and panic-stricken, it’s me and I’ve run out of projects! Just gently toss some yarn in my vicinity and possibly a pattern or two and back away slowly. I should recover fairly quickly.

The other possibility that I refuse to accept is that I’ve packed way TOO many projects and won’t get all that done in a month of Sundays.

*Side note about the brunette… I haven’t mentioned, but I took the red out of my hair a few weeks ago using Color Oops and then went to the salon Thursday and had a nice normal brown put in. Hurray!







So we’ll be keeping you updated on our trip and when we get resettled and all that!

Yes, we’ll be doing the business once we get moved.

Yes, we have TONS of new colors already planned and new yarns being spun for us right now.

Yes, we’ll do more giant yarn giveaways and monthly clubs and kits and new things not even dreamed of yet!

Stay tuned.



P.S. Thank you for all the wonderful comments and well-wishes for our trip! We appreciate it immensely!