The concept of knitting your own socks is mind-blowing to most people, especially non-knitters.

“Why make your own socks?” they ask, “When you can buy them for $1 a pair at Wal-mart!”

To this I just chuckle secretly inside because they don’t know. They don’t know the joy and purpose and the satisfaction of knitting a sock.

Whether or not you’ve ever knitted socks, I think you’ll understand this if you are crafty at all.

Socks are brilliant to knit because:

1. They are so darned tedious and use such tiny stitches that just the mere fact that you put that much effort into something for your FEET means you must REALLY love yourself (or the recipient). In short, it makes you FEEL LOVED!

2. You feel SO smart when you’ve finished because you’ve successfully worked the toe, the foot, the heel turn (most impressive) , the leg and the cuff. WOW. I mean, WOW. Who DOES this?!?! YOU DO! That’s who.

3. They are PORT-A-BLE! Going on a trip? Don’t sweat. Need a tiny project to stuff in your purse as you dash out of the house for the doctor’s office or the movies? Socks are SO tiny they don’t take up much room at all! We’ll say, virtually none. 😀

4. Sock yarn does NOT count as stash. Therefore, you can buy as much yarn as you want and never feel guilty! WOO HOO!!! Shopping spree, here I COME!

5. What else? I’m sure there’s more.

6. Oh, yes. You’ll never tire of making them because there are endless patterns available!! You can start at the toe and work up, start at the cuff and work down, start in the middle and do wild and crazy tricks like the amazing Cat Bordhi… you can do a basic ribbed sock, or a stockinette stitch sock, or do any number of fancy cable stitches, lace work, colorwork or what-have-you. WHEW! The options are truly endless.

7. You never run out of the NEED for them! Even if you could manage to knit SO many socks for yourself that you simply couldn’t stuff another pair into your drawers (dresser drawers, that is), there’s always your fella or kiddo or mom or best friend or sis or SOMEONE! And even if you managed to perform an unheard of feat and knit enough socks for EVERYBODY you know, then you would STILL need to make more because…

8. Socks wear out. OH, YES! The sweetness of it all! You wear them on your FEET, and thus they just won’t last forever. And that’s the coolest thing. There is always a need. Aren’t you so helpful and useful? Yes, you are!

9. What else? Hmmm..

10. They’re just so darned cutttte! Who doesn’t love colorful, hand-made socks to wrap their tootsies in love? I know I do and I am wildly in love with these socks I made:

purple blue hand knitted socks photo

I made these with my MidSummer Night’s Dream sock yarn (named by my mom! LOVE YOU, MAMA!!! With my whole heart!)

cute hand knit socks

This is Superwash Merino Wool (so it’s machine-washable, baby! Yeah! And dryer-dryable!)

basic ribbed sock pattern

1 skein makes 1 pair of small or medium women’s socks. If you’re making men’s socks, get two.

spiral knitted sock patterns

Now, you’re asking what pattern I used, huh?

Yikers. I didn’t use one. I KNOW! Don’t be mad!

I’ll tell you what I did though, and provide super helpful links for you so you can recreate them!


I worked 1 sock at a time, using a long circular needle and the Magic Loop Method. (You can use DPN’S if you like! Double pointed needles)

I worked a round toe and increased until I had 60 stitches.  I usually prefer to start at the toe because it just “feels right” to me; like building a building from the ground up or something.

From there, worked 2×2 ribbing for the instep (top of the foot), with stockinette stitch on the sole. I used a short row heel, then a few more inches of solid 2×2 ribbing, a few inches of 1×1 twisted rib and then another half inch of so of 2×2 ribbing.


Sorry! Here is a pattern that should get you a very close result:

So there you have it. Beautiful socks for warm, loved feetsies.

Now I want to hear from YOU! Have you ever made socks? If not, what are you waiting for?

Over and out. Have a beautiful week!